Project KASA KA!

Project KASA KA!
Kampihan sa Karapatan

Project KASA KA? (Kampihan sa Karapatan) is an initiative of Human Rights Online Philippines (HRonlinePH) to facilitate the partnership between NGO/HRDs organizations and the youth through the effective use of social media in online advocacy.

Photo from Cha Roque


Human Rights organizations have long considered the important role of the new generation in the promotion and protection of human rights. The responsibility for ensuring that the rights of every person is respected all the time will soon fall in the hands of the millennials. However, the present political environment seems to show the diminishing interest of the millennials if not having misconceptions about human rights as they are over-exposed to new ways of receiving and sharing information and messaging through different social, technological and media platforms without any means of verification.

It is therefore vital to determine as much as possible new ways in which the millennials can embrace human rights concepts and principles in looking at the current political affairs and social issues, by developing the best strategic messaging and delivery mechanisms not only to reach them but also to give them the opportunity to take part in the human rights movement in order to educate, persuade and engage them. While there were already efforts to involve the millennials in many social issues that need addressing, from climate change to human rights violations that are already lingering in every one’s doorstep, and yet the millennials have not taken enough action.

It is for this reason that HRonlinePH is trying to bridge these gaps by encouraging the millennials to take action by providing them with a platform or a venue for partnership and cooperation with human rights groups where they can best utilize their creativity and technological savvy in using social media to help human rights organizations develop an effective online advocacy.

“Project KASA KA?” is a shared commitment to making real change possible.

“Project KASA KA?” is a call to action wherein the youth and the human rights organizations can now work together.

“Project KASA KA?” is human rights at work (both online and offline).

Though “Project KASA KA?”, the millennials can help in designing the online human rights campaigns of the selected NGO partners while it is the task of the human rights organizations to educate the millennials on human rights in general and on thematic issues in particular and to develop their commitment and better understanding of their role in the promotion and protection of human rights.


The “Project KASA KA?” aims at:

  1. Learning together by sharing of knowledge and experience between human rights advocates and youth on the effective use of social media in advocacy campaigns;
  2. Working for a good purpose by encouraging the youth to get involved to human rights campaigns that will transform them into human rights advocates;
  3. Unity in action by forging partnership between youth and the selected NGOs that may lead to a long term partnership and cooperation of human rights organizations and the selected schools; and
  4. Multiplying effects by raising awareness on human rights to reach the greater public especially the millennials and to develop a critical mass for human rights advocacy.


  1. The HRonlinePH will be the main project proponent which will facilitate, guide and monitor the overall implementation.
  2. Three (3) human rights organizations/ non-government organizations and three (3) youth/ students groups from three different schools/ colleges/ universities will be invited to participate. If they express willingness to take part in the project after orienting them on the project concept, Terms of Reference (ToR) will be crafted to define their different roles and responsibilities.
  3. All parties should sign the ToR to ensure delivery of project outputs (online human rights campaigns) and the attainment of the KSK objectives.
  4. The online campaigns will be implemented for the period of two (2) months (from October to November) in each school of the participating youth group.
  5. The most effective online campaign will be selected and will be awarded (cash prize and plaque of recognition) during the 7th Human Rights Pinduteros Awards Night on December of this year as part of the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day. The criteria for judging the most effective online campaign are as follows:
    1. Content and messaging (Clarity and consistency with human rights standards, informative)
    2. Creativity at Originality (Uniqueness and the ability to inspire action and participation)
    3. Popularity (Widest audience reach, likes and shares. Public support generated)

At the end of the year, partners will be invited for a participatory evaluation for possible continuity of the partnership


  1. Orientation Meetings-On Project KASA KA?, Human Rights Orientation, Online Campaign Concepts
  2. Trainings-On Digital Security, online campaign and communication planning
  3. Planning Sessions-Crafting of Online Campaign and Communication Plans
  4. Implementation of Activities-Joint assessment and monitoring
  5. HRonlinePh’s 7th Human Rights Pinduteros Choice Awards Night
  6. Participatory Evaluation