[Right-Up] Teachers as Believers of Marcos Lies | by Norman Novio

Teachers as Believers of Marcos Lies

I cannot imagine as I truly lament teachers being Marcos apologists. They are the kind of human beings who first taught us the evils of cheating, lying, and any form of academic, behavioral, and disciplinary misconduct, but continue to defend a cheater and a liar joining the Philippine presidential race.

The biggest “scholastic dishonesty” that Marcos Jr. and his minions of teachers-apologist is when he lied about his educational achievements. I was surrounded by teachers at home and relatives and friends beyond it, both real and virtual. I cannot remember any of them lying about their educational status. Much more they are condoning those who lie about it or any other lies related to the pursuit of education, teaching in particular.

But some mentors are fighting nail and tooth for the truth about the evils of the Marcos dictatorship just like the teachers from all over the world condemning Hitler’s Nazi regime.

This blog entry is for teachers only to react and just focus on his claim that he was really an Oxford graduate (other lies or issues are to follow).

Oxford graduate?

A certain Jacques Aboy, apparently a teacher from an organization called Rise for Education Alliance rightly puts it: “The worst kind of Marcos apologists is the learned ones, especially teachers. Imagine being exposed to research in academia but would rather believe in the conspiracies from Tiktok, YouTube, and other unverified ctto sources. And there is a potential of them perpetuating lies to their students.” I just stumbled quote over Twitter yesterday so my fingers immediately hit the keyboard.

Speaking as a teacher by profession, those conspiracy theories about Tallano gold, Marcos Jr. as the true first man on the moon, his lies about his Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University, among many, many, many others. But allow me to focus only on the Oxford thing for last night, as a participant in the SMNI Presidential Debate, Marcos Jr. was referred to as an “economist” twice by anchor Mike Abe which is outright dishonesty. Simple research would lead us to the truth that a special diploma in social studies is not a degree.

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