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KWENTO NATIN ‘TO: Catch these events and be inspired in reclaiming the stories of our nation as we near the 2022 elections

With the theme Kwento Natin ‘To: Reclaiming the Stories of our Nation, human rights organization DAKILA jam-packed the Active Vista International Human Rights Festival (AVIHRF) 2021 with events, forums, and film screenings that tell the stories — real and imagined — of our fellow Filipinos. One of the festival’s forums, Press in Distress: Will Independent Journalism Survive in SEA?, also witnessed a historical moment when speaker Maria Ressa, Rappler CEO and president, received the news of her being the first-ever Filipino to win the Nobel Peace Prize live during the forum.

As the national elections draw near — when warring narratives try to fill our consciousness — DAKILA and Active Vista shall continue to bring forward events on the last two days of the festival that will contribute to shaping and reclaiming the narrative of our nation come the 2022 elections.

So as the festival closes on October 10, invite your friends and family members! We’ve got an epic line-up of relevant events to fill your weekend!


Unconfined Cinema #3: REVOLUTIONS / REFRAINS / SONGS

Last year, April 2020, the digital landscape was shaken when the famous Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) loveteam reunited with the exchange of kilig lines on Instagram Live. Director Antoinette Jadaone, the filmmaker behind this “One More Chance” loveteam reunion, disclosed that it is part of an initiative called “Unconfined Cinema” — presenting possibilities for cinema and telling stories beyond the walls of movie theaters.

This year, three acclaimed Filipino filmmakers, Nick Deocampo, John Torres, and Martika Escobar, join forces to bring forth the Unconfined Cinema #3: Revolutions/Refrains/Songs on October 9, 3:00 PM, live on the Active Vista Facebook page. Witness their exchange of ideas and insights with film critic Philbert Dy as the moderator.

Huwag Matakot: Aswang Talkback

Aswang is a famous Filipino folklore character, a shape-shifting evil creature that haunts its target every night. But in this internationally-renowned documentary film by director Alyx Arumpac, Aswang is someone we might know.

On October 9, from 7 PM to 9 PM, hear firsthand the story of how the team behind the talk of the town film navigated in the busy cities of Metro Manila to witness the Aswang on the streets.

Register now at http://www.activevista.ph/HuwagMatakot2021.

Common Threads

Let recreate the live concert and music gig experience! On the 3rd night of the Common Threads music session hosted by Mich Dulce and Quark Henares, catch Banna Harbera and Cheats in a night of discussion and music performances.

Jam and sing along on October 9, 8:00 PM, live at Active Vista Facebook page.

Alamat ng Kwento: The Role of Cinema and Media in Myth-Making

Darna, Captain Barbell, Volta, and now, Cardo Dalisay — these are only a few characters in films and television series depicted as superheroes. Either one has a special superpower or an ordinary citizen that is pictured as selfless or a savior.

Join Angel Locsin, John Lloyd Cruz, Erik Matti, Agot Isidro, and many more in Alamat ng Kwento: The Role of Cinema and Media in Myth-Making on October 10, from 4 PM to 6:30 PM, live at the Active Vista, DAKILA, and AKTOR PH Facebook pages.

In this AVIHRF’s one-of-a-kind festival closing event, listen and learn as the panel of actors, academics, advocates, and media professionals touch on how both mediums can write and rewrite the stories that surround us—and how we can harness their power to weave the prevailing narratives of indifference and intolerance into a story of hope.


Looking for something to do during your downtime this weekend? How about ticking some of the movies on your must-watch list?

AVFest2021’s FREE short film screening is still ongoing until October 10! Catch the line-up films at http://www.activevista.ph/screenings.

These critically-acclaimed films are EXTENDED until October 12! Get your discounted tickets now at http://www.activevista.ph/screenings.

Active Vista International Human Rights Festival is held annually every September of the year, but our vision to create a humane and just society goes beyond the festival celebration. We continue to push back, advocate, and create new narratives of hope to weave a future Philippines that celebrates rights, freedom, and dignity.

Join our cause and be part of molding the Philippines we deserve and dream of.

To know more and be updated about the festival, visit http://www.activevista.ph/festival and follow Active Vista and DAKILA.

DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism is an organization of artists, cultural and development activists, students, young professionals, and individuals creatively building a movement of heroism towards social transformation.

Email: info@dakila.org.ph

Mobile: +63 939 1182374

Active Vista is an institution established by DAKILA. It facilitates the learning process of empowering citizens to become agents of social change.

Email: communications@activevista.ph

Mobile: +63 915 5833364

The Active Vista International Human Rights Festival is an annual event that celebrates rights, freedoms, and dignity held on the Martial Law Anniversary commemoration week in the Philippines. AVIHRF is a member of the International Human Rights Film Network. The festival is being supported by Movies that Matter.

Email: activevistafest@dakila.org.ph

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