[Statement] Justice for the Gregorios and all victims of violence -TFDP

Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) condemns the brazen acts of murder perpetrated by a man in uniform. It was swift and methodical. It was inhuman. It was a strong, hard kick on the face of human rights.

These twin murders shake the very core of our humanity. Our society has degenerated to the barbaric ways of killers. It was a strong display of how impunity reigns in the country.

We have repeatedly raised the alarm at the descent to brutality and violence goaded by the pronouncements of the president no less. It has resulted in thousands killed since 2016 without trial, due process, and conviction. There are malevolent beings who have taken it upon themselves to judge who lives or dies.

This is not an isolated case. Far from it. It stems from a culture of impunity that has been reinforced time and again by public pronouncements that any person in uniform shall be spared and protected. It has bred an attitude of lawlessness and an entitlement of being above the law.

We cannot accept puerile explanations of post-traumatic disorders or mental health issues as excuse for murder. If they were experiencing such, then these concerns should have been addressed, and they should have been given a break from the service a long time ago. Those entrusted with great responsibility must constantly be reminded that they serve and protect the people. They are servants of the people and not their tormentors and murderers.

Since the lockdown, the image of the men in uniform have suffered tremendously because of their successive acts of violence that have eroded public trust. Terror and violence have been used to quell dissent and freedom of expression. Extrajudicial killings have been employed in the war on drugs. Lately, they have also been used on human rights defenders.

This culture of violence and impunity must end. Statements that encourage and embolden men and women in uniform must stop. No one should be above the law. Nothing good will come out of bodies piling up. The right to life should be respected at all times.
We call on all people of goodwill to raise their voices against the hate and violence in our midst.

We call for justice for the Gregorios and all victims of violence. Hold to account Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca.

We implore the authorities to rein in the forces of violence and stem the spiral of death and destruction.

We commit ourselves to work for human rights, peace, justice, and the rule of law.

Justice for the Gregorios and all victims of human rights violations.
Break impunity.

All human rights for all.

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