[Statement] Care for Each Other, Resist Together: #JunkTerrorBillNow – #WeTheFuturePH

Care for Each Other, Resist Together: #JunkTerrorBillNow

We, the Filipino Youth, express our dismay and disapproval over the swift passage of the Terror Bill in the legislature on the night of June 3. The Terror Bill betrays our Freedom to Speak and the Right to be Heard. It is an insult to the historical struggle of the Filipino People for Freedom and Independence which we will commemorate on June 12.

Instead of making public health its highest priority, the government passed a law criminalizing critical voices and expressions of dissent under the excuse of national security. Instead of Mass Testing, Mass Arrests now loom over our nation.

Our activism expresses our vision for a better future. Our protests, online and on the streets, consistently expose corruption and anomalies in the government. Our dissent communicates care for one another and our commitment to democracy and the rule of law. But the Terror Bill will rob us of our voice and future by force, fear, and intimidation.

We, young people, place high importance on honesty, sincerity, and authenticity. Despite the Terror Bill’s so-called safeguards against human rights abuses, our trust issues remain given the administration’s dismal track record in abiding with the rule of law and human rights principles, from the countless EJKs to the police murder of Kian de los Santos and Retired Corporal Winston Ragos.

The draconian measures championed by the Terror Bill is a dark legacy of authoritarianism and Martial Law in the Philippines. It is a dark legacy which young people of that time fought and upon which they prevailed. And we Millennials, Gen Y’s, and Z’s will not allow any form of strongman rule to prevail in our time. Not on our watch.

Our demands are clear and simple: better leadership, better governance, better services, and better solutions during this pandemic. We did our part to stay at home while we continue to call out and speak, now it’s the turn of our elected leaders to listen.

To our leaders in the Congress, Senate, and especially to the President, listen: remember you will not always be in power, but we young people will always remain to replace you with others who are better. We are the hope and future of generations past and your future is also in our hands.

We are the Future.

As a non-partisan national movement of Filipino youth standing up for rights, freedom, and democracy, #WeTheFuturePH stands together with our fellow youth nationwide. We stand as one against the Terror Bill and demand for its immediate repeal.

Ang Aktibismo ay hindi terorismo. Makibaka, ‘wag matakot. Mabuhay ang Kabataang Pilipino. #JunkTerrorBillNow

#WeTheFuturePH is a nonpartisan national movement of the youth standing up for human rights and democracy. The movement is a network of around 800 youth leaders and 400 youth organizations nationwide established in 2019 that advocates for a rights-based governance agenda for democratic reforms.

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