[Video] FreeXP.con3 Highlights

Let us welcome 2020 by a throwback video of the Highlights of the FreeXP.con3. Igiit. Ipagdiwang. Ipahayag! #HumanRights

FreeXP.con3 aims to examine the promotion and protection of the FoE in the context of national scope and international standards with a view of identifying challenges and sharing best practices, and inspiring initiatives taken by bloggers, journalists, and human rights defenders on protection and defense of FoE in the Philippines.

  • Increase awareness of participants to better advocate for stronger laws and policies for the promotion and defense of human rights;
  • Identify strategic opportunities for strengthening the inclusion of human rights within the online platforms as well as its content creating greater spaces to promote FoE and reflect human rights; and
  • Plan activities to take advantage of these strategic opportunities to strengthen the recognition and implementation of laws pertaining to freedom of expression, specifically develop a strategy to counter efforts to limit the impact of restrictive legislation, including legislation on counter-terrorism and national security, as well as restrictions on CSOs, freedom of expression and association.

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