[Statement] Red October is Duterte-AFP plot to intensify crackdown on schools, impose dictatorship -NUSP

Red October is Duterte-AFP plot to intensify crackdown on schools, impose dictatorship
October 3, 2018

NUSP condemns the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for tagging 18 Metro Manila school campuses as communist recruitment grounds for the “Red October” ouster plot against President Duterte. The state uses the old and ineffective “red scare” tactics to create a climate of fear and insecurity, portray itself as a victim of destabilization, and justify Duterte’s imposition of a fascist dictatorship.

The state cannot stand the fact that Duterte is unpopular among the youth for his deadly wars against the people. The malicious tagging of schools is hence part of the fabricated plot used by the state to vilify students who fight against Duterte’s tyrannical rule and anti-people policies. He fears university and college students who criticize the rottenness of his regime and forge solidarity with the rest of the Filipino people to attain education, employment, agrarian reform, and human rights.

Why are AFP and Duterte allergic to fora and films that tackle Marcos’ Martial Law and its similarities with the dictatorship that Duterte is imposing? They hate the truth because lies are the foundation of their rule. They do not want students to discuss inflation and skyrocketing prices, contractualization, Martial Law in Mindanao, the deadly war on drugs, and other pressing issues precisely because they aim to prolong the suffering of the people brought about by their policies and programs. Meanwhile, Duterte, Arroyo and the Marcoses cling to power by using violence and intimidation against dissenters.

The people know better for these schemes are not new. As an army of lies and fake news, the AFP uses deceit to invalidate other institutions and drown the legitimate demands of the masses. For instance, Lumad schools which enjoy broad public support are labelled by the AFP as rebel training camps.

Surely, this fabricated list will be used to justify the crackdown of the state on schools. As if it is fully trusted by the Filipino people, the state will intensify police presence, surveillance and red-tagging in schools in the guise of its “anti-drug”, “anti-terror” and “anti-bomb” campaigns.

The end of October can tell who is on the side of truth and who is delusional enough to dream of fictitious plots like Red October. Throughout #OctoberRage, NUSP is sure that students and youth will be more vocal. Under Duterte’s tyrannical rule, we will continue to conduct fora and discussions, promote the right to organize, and lead mobilizations against the return of dictatorship.

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