[Statement] We condemn in the strongest sense all forms of killings being perpetrated under this government, its disregard for the rule law and due process and lack of respect to life -PMPI

PMPI Statement on the unabated killings under Duterte government

News on the death of another priest Fr Richmond V. Nilo, the Parish Priest of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija enraged us. He was reportedly shot by two unidentified gun men through the church’s window while preparing for the Sunday mass. Fr. Nilo is the third priest who died under this administration in just a span of 6 months. First was Fr. Marcelito Paez in December 2017, Fr. Mark Ventura in April 2018 and this June 2018, Fr. Richmond Nilo.

We, express our indignation over these series of death, of our pastors and church leaders just as we strongly condemn the huge and ever increasing number of killings under the Duterte administration. Its repeated public pronouncements disregarding the rule of law and respect for human rights and the recent attacks to the teachings of Christian faith promote this culture of violence and embolden killings even of the religious or clergy.

This government as personified by the President is seemingly heartless and lacking in conscience. It is intolerant of critique and silences dissent to achieve what it randomly wants and according to the President’s will at the moment. It has targeted persons and all democratic institutions that represents the voice of opposition and one that demands for justice and denounces violence committed to the most helpless sector of society.

It has no ears to listen to the cry of its people, and has chosen to be ruthlessly blind and deaf to the people’s needs blatantly evidenced by the impact of TRAIN law, its unfulfilled ‘No to Endo’ promise, its lack of protection for our fisher folks in Scarborough Shoal and its cowardice to defend our sovereign rights from the Chinese intruders.

We are a network of development workers, environmental advocates and human rights defenders. We lament that our avowed leaders, the one we voted for to represent us, is also party to these crimes against the Filipino people. Their public endorsement or lack of action and silence condone this reprehensible situation. We condemn in the strongest sense all forms of killings being perpetrated under this government, its disregard for the rule law and due process and lack of respect to life.

Likewise, as a faith-based development network, we are being challenged to speak out against these attacks to our pastors and our faith. The universal declaration of human rights and our Philippine constitution have provided for freedom to believe and practice religion. Never in recent history that we have a President that attacks the tenet of our religious beliefs in its bid to silence the church from speaking out the truth in favor of those whose rights are violated by this government.

We demand justice for the death of our pastors and all those killed under this government’s war on drug. Their right to life and to due process are violated. Government and all involved instrumentalities must be held accountable for all these rights violations. No one should be above the law, including the President of the Philippines.


Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc., (PMPI) is a social development and advocacy network of 250 plus Philippine church/faith-based groups, non-governmental organizations and people’s organization spread all over the country, in partnership with Misereor, a social development arm of the German Bishops based in Aachen Germany.

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