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right-to-life-fbRight to Life

The term “Right to Life” is based on the philosophy that every person has the right to live and that a human life should not be taken by another human being.

Why we don’t support the return of the Death Penalty in Philippines:

• Not an effective crime-deterrent:
“It’s the certainty of apprehension that’s been demonstrated consistently to be an effective deterrent, not the severity of the ensuing consequences,”
-Daniel Nagin (Professor at Carnegie Mellon University)

• Death Penalty is anti-poor:
Whilst it is easy for the rich to receive quality legal representation, the same cannot be said of the poor. In a country where case results are not decided by the jury, most of the time the law favours the rich.

• Flawed justice system:
Because the justice system is not perfect, wrong conviction is unavoidable.

“The death penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights.”
-Amnesty International

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