[Event] Sa araw ni Bonifacio, Manindigan para sa Tunay na Kabayanihan! -#BlockMarcos


block-marcos-eventsThe #BlockMarcos movement is a group of individuals and organizations who have come together to hold President Duterte accountable for betraying the Filipino people by ordering the burial of the dictator at the LNMB; to demand the immediate exhumation of said dictator’s remains; to counter historical revisionism; to stop the Marcoses’ return to power; and to fight against authoritarianism.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported the various mobilizations meant to show our rage at Marcos’ burial at the LNMB.

This November 29/30, as we celebrate the birthday of a real hero, Andres Bonifacio, we call on everyone to join us for the following actions coordinated together with student leaders and labor unions, and other organizations and social movements.

OCCUPY LNMB! Go back to the crime scene to demand the exhumation of the dictator’s remains. Bring tents, sleeping bags, harmless shovels, chairs, food, water, musical instruments, placards and signboards. Organize workshops and other educational activities. November 29, 6 PM onwards, LNMB.

MARCH WITH WORKERS TO MALACANANG! Join workers as they demand that President Duterte be held accountable for the burial of Marcos at the LNMB, and as they fight against “contractualization” and other anti-worker policies. November 30, 8 AM, Assembly: TBA but near Morayta Ave, Manila.

JOIN THE CARAVAN FOR JUSTICE! Invite more people to join us demand justice for workers, justice for Marcos’ victims, and justice for the Filipino people betrayed by Duterte by joining a motorcade conducting a moving “noise barrage” from Mendiola to the People Power Monument in EDSA. November 30, 12 NN, Assembly: TBA but somewhere near Mendiola, Manila.

RECLAIM ‘PEOPLE POWER.’ Join thousands of other Filipinos stand up against authoritarianism and fight for the kind of substantive democracy that we have yet to achieve. November 30, 3 PM, People Power Monument.

The dictator may have been interred but we shall not let him rest in peace until we get justice!

Bring your family, friends, colleagues, and everyone hurt and enraged by this act of betrayal. Unity without uniformity, diversity without fragmentation!

#Hukayin #PeopleRising

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