[Statement] Celebrate Our Pride, Pursue With Our Struggle! -True Colors Coalition

TCC joins Pride March
Celebrate Our Pride,
Pursue With Our Struggle!

True Colors Coalition is one with our brothers and sisters in the community in celebrating our colorful lives and continuous struggle for acceptance, equality, and freedom. We will once again show the Filipino nation that the LGBT people is and always an integral part of the whole society’s quest to exercise our rights to live free from any forms of discrimination and in upholding our human dignity. Let us always be reminded of how we have been, for the longest time, fighting to erase the stigma and stereotyping on our sector.

Tru colors

We should also not forget that many of our ancestors in the community have devoted their lives so we can have what we are enjoying right now as a sector. It was never that easy. However, we are still constantly being challenged to keep on striving for our interest and well-being. That is why, TCC vows to continue to hold on to our reason for being – pursue our struggle and do not let anyone take away what our ancestors have accomplished. We know you are all one with us on this.

Today, while we march with you, we look back in the history of our bravery, and strength in unity.

Like what happened on the eve of June 28, 1969, when our brothers and sisters stood up and fought [for the first time] against the discrimination and violence done to our community, we must take our responsibility and task in the society to stand up and put forward our issues alongside the people’s issues. Let us continue to give fully our fair share in the nation’s development. The people’s struggle is our struggle.

Our existence is no less than the others. But that is not how we are experiencing it every single day. This march must be an instrument of our community to bring every LGBT together and address our issues as one community, just like how we did it on our quest for justice for our sister, Jennifer Laude. We still have a lot to do; our partial victory proves that we have to work harder and double our efforts for our issues and concerns.

Let the lessons of the past be always remembered. Our present and future generations should always be reminded of our great history of struggle. More than a celebration, let us take advantage of this as a tool for our efforts to strengthen our unity with the marginalized and oppressed to break free. We must take pride in saying that we may be diverse but we are united in struggling for our rights and the validity of our existence. ###

*About the PubMat: TCC offers our participation in the Pride March to remember the whole quest for justice for Jennifer Laude and our community’s partial victory, especially to the trans community, last December 1.

December 5, 2015
Reference: Jhay De Jesus, Spokesperson (09167171398)

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