[Press Release] The horrors of APEC -PFA2015

The horrors of APEC


Photo from PFA FB page

Close to 200 activists held a Halloween-themed protest rally against the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) at Mendiola Bridge early this evening. Led by the Peoples’ Forum on APEC 2015 (PFA2015), they marched toward Malacañan Palace from Nicanor Reyes Sr. Street within Manila’s University Belt area. Throughout the march, and as the anti-APEC activists reached Mendiola, they kept up a loud and steady militant chant: “Uphold People’s Rights! Shutdown APEC!”.

The PFA2015’s mass action was aimed at calling attention to the APEC’s almost three decades-long imposition of neoliberal economic policies. The broad progressive coalition asserts that the APEC remains a major capitalist instrument that institutionally exploits and oppresses the great majority of the APEC’s combined populace from its twenty-one member countries, including the Philippines. The latter will host the APEC Summit in Manila on November 18-19, 2015.

According to Rasti Delizo, the Secretariat Coordinator of PFA2015, “the APEC’s neoliberal economic policies are horrifically destroying the lives and future of our poor masses. Instead of protecting our people’s general welfare, the PNoy Regime fully accepts and executes the horrors of APEC’s anti-poor and anti-democratic thrusts.”

Photo from PFA FB page

Photo from PFA FB page

Delizo further explained that, “the APEC’s pro-imperialist agenda includes the imposition of deathly policies such as, privatization, liberalization, deregulation, contractualization, and public-private partnership agreements. Thus, the overall effect is to guarantee APEC-sponsored horrors upon the Filipino working class masses. And for this, the APEC must immediately be shut down as a regional capitalist project.”

The highlight of tonight’s anti-APEC rally was a symbolic presentation of 21 ghosts and monsters (representing the 21 APEC members) attacking the general population. In this regard, the Filipino masses representing the basic sectors (i.e. the workers, urban poor, peasants, women, youth/students, etc.) were depicted with shields to protect themselves from the “horrors of APEC”.

The rally was capped by a short program with a few speeches by various leaders of people’s organizations from the basic sectors. And at 7p.m. the PFA2015 activists self-dispersed in a peaceful and orderly manner.

October 29, 2015

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