[Press Release] Opportunism Galore -Sanlakas

Opportunism Galore

As charges and counter-charges of opportunism and rabble-rousing being tossed around like pizza pies by politicians and their publicity handlers during and after the 4-day stand-off between the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) and Malacanang. Possible electoral rivals went tit-for-tat for the bungled handling of the Justice Secretary Leila De Lima of the illegal detention charges against the Sanggunian of the church.


The group Sanlakas clarified that all political camps including the Palace which has thrown its support to the candidacy of Mar Roxas are all opportunists.

“They have all rode on the issue without making any effort to redress the grievances of the warring factions within the INC. Worse, the politicians took the opportunity to throw a punch or two at political rivals for positions they took despite the fact that the justice department already had full jurisdiction,” said the Sanlakas statement.

“If they truly wanted to address the issue they should have volunteered to mediate and quell the stand-off but they did the opposite and issued public statements meant to enflame the situation,” the partylist group added.

“The public must be warned that publicity relations and political operators have been working overtime these past five days molding public opinion in order to prop up their candidates. They too are just as opportunistic as their candidates”.

The group likewise demanded that full disclosure of the deal reached by the INC leadership and Malacanang, urging Palace officials to remain transparent and reminded them of their accountability to the people, the majority are non-INC members.

Sanlakas warned that the tax-paying public will remain wary not unless they come clean and reveal the compromises made by both camps.

“The credibility of both the 2016 elections and the case of illegal detention of former INC Minister Isaias Samson are now in jeopardy and will be subjected to speculation and reservation unless the agreement reached is fully disclosed and political deals are untangled”.

Various camps have speculated that part of the Malacanang-initiated deal was the INC’s endorsement of the candidacy of Mar Roxas in the 2016 elections.

Ref. Atty. Ron Pedrosa 0927-5924830

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