[Event] Kite for peace and planet #AbolishNuclearWeaponsNow

Kite for peace and planet #AbolishNuclearWeaponsNow

kite for peace

Governments will meet at the United Nations over four weeks in April-May 2015 for the five-yearly review of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Civil society is calling on governments to end the threat of nuclear weapons by negotiating for their complete prohibition and elimination – a requirement of the NPT.

On behalf of Peace and Planet coordinating team for Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines (STOP the War Coalition Philippines and the PILONES KITEFLYING TEAM of Santiago City), we would like to invite you to participate in the Global Wave action in Santiago City KITE FOR PEACE AND PLANET on APRIL 26 (Sunday) at 3-5pm at the Four Lanes Integrated Terminal Complex, Santiago City, Isabela.

There will be simple public actions in cities around the world in a timed fashion over 24 hours just before the 2015 NPT Review Conference in New York. Starting at a major peace rally in New York on April 26, and then proceeding westward through each time zone every hour, humanity will ‘Wave Goodbye to Nuclear Weapons’ through symbolic Wave events.

The action will engage parliamentarians, mayors, religious leaders, youth, environmentalists, human rights activists, sports clubs, celebrities and other representatives of civil society. The action in some places will be small and symbolic – in other places it will be larger and more celebratory.

This event in Santiago City is our solidarity action with the Global Wave 2015, part of Peace and Planet: Mobilisation for a Nuclear Free, Just and Sustainable World.

We hope to see you there.


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