[Campaign] Save the Life of Mary Jane Veloso -Migrante


Background of the Case

Mary Jane comes from a poor family in Nueva Ecija. They resorted to picking plastics and other recyclable materials because the pay from Mary Jane’s father as a seasonal worker in Hacienda Luisita was never enough.  She is the youngest among 5 children. She only made it to first year high school, married early, and had two children.


In the hopes of improving the lives of her family and providing education for her children, she went to Dubai in 2009 to work as household service worker. However, she returned to Manila before her two-year contract ended because her employer attempted to rape her.

On 19 April 2010, Mary Jane was approached by her friend Ma. Cristina Serio (a resident of Talavera, Nueva Ecija) and was told that her Malaysian friend needs a domestic worker.  She paid Cristina P20,000, a motorcycle and her cell phone to cover employment costs.  She was illegally recruited.

Five days after, they left for Malaysia.  She only packed two t-shirts and pants.  Upon arrival, Cristina informed Mary Jane that her prospective job was already closed but she re-assured her that she will get a job for her. Mary Jane stayed for another 3 days in Malaysia. Cristina brought her in many places in Malaysia, took photos, shopped for clothes and personal needs.

Airport Incident

On 26 of April, Cristina told Mary Jane to pack her things, and that she had to leave for Indonesia for work.  At first, she was hesitant since she did not have money for the ticket. Cristina told her that she did not have to worry.  She handed Mary Jane an empty suitcase, put her clothes in and gave her money.

Upon arrival at the Jogiakarta Airport in Indonesia, as she was about to pass through the x-ray machine, airport personnel detected suspicious items in her suitcase.  Her luggage was immediately checked, they took out all what was inside but found nothing.  Again, she put it in the machine which again detected something prompting airport personnel to destroy her luggage.  The 2.6 kilos of heroin valued at US$500,000 was neatly packed in the inner part of her baggage.

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