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Asian HRDs Portal

AHRD portal

We are delighted to re-introduce our new Portal which was initially launched during the 6TH Asian Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum (AHRDF6) in December last year in Manila, Philippines, and during the 28th UNHRC session in Geneva this March.

Based on the primary reviews of the Portal and the practical advices from our members and partners, final touches have been added to it. We wanted to bring everything about human rights defenders (HRDs) in Asia into one place so that fellow HRDs as well as the general public would be able to access easily its content, maximise the use of its resources and online materials, interact with us and provide feedback, and learn more about “Who HRDs are” and their situation on the ground.

One of the integral parts of the Portal is the “Stories from the Fields” where we find defenders’ experiences of asserting their roles against recurring negative perception and/or labelling as problem-makers, traitors, terrorists, etc.. “Stories from the Field” is personal… it talks about one’s journey in the struggle for human rights and dignity… it describes about concrete cases and how HRDs venture facing them bravely.

Another important part in the Portal is “Cases of HRDs” where we monitor daily violations against HRDs into our database. Their cases are shared in the Portal. Sources of information are mainly from FORUM-ASIA’s members and partners, daily media monitoring, Special Rapporteur on HRDs’ communication report and Secretary General’s annual report on reprisals. With this, we encourage our members to send us cases of HRDs.

There is much more information to read about, such as Resources and Campaign of HRDs. The list of resources is extensive in nature – from protection and security for HRDs or financial resource to some visual Multimedia resource such as short documentaries. Furthermore, we share the UN Declaration on HRDs translated into various Asian languages for your reference and use.

Needless to say, over the next few weeks there are bound to be teething problems. We ask you to bear with us and share your ideas for improvement.

Please explore our dynamic Portal at: http://asianhrds.forum-asia.org/. While at it, you can also sign up for a monthly webzine which offers digest of update pertaining HRDs in Asia. Don’t forget to subscribe it.

Thank you.

Human Rights Defenders Programme Team

All submissions are republished and redistributed in the same way that it was originally published online and sent to us. We may edit submission in a way that does not alter or change the original material.

Human Rights Online Philippines does not hold copyright over these materials. Author/s and original source/s of information are retained including the URL contained within the tagline and byline of the articles, news information, photos etc.

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