[Blog] A Mockery and Travesty of Justice: The Continuing Persecution and Permanent Harassment of Anwar Ibrahim by the powers that be in Malaysia by Jose Mario De Vega

A Mockery and Travesty of Justice: The Continuing Persecution and Permanent Harassment of Anwar Ibrahim by the powers that be in Malaysia
by Jose Mario De Vega

I refer to the “Anwar Ibrahim guilty in sodomy case”, by the Guardian, February 10th with regard to the latest conviction of the Malaysian Opposition leader.

Mario De Vega

As of the moment, the Old Man or Uncle Anwar is now there in Sungai Buloh prison serving his newest five year jail sentence.

Last month, the 68 year old Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto Opposition leader, the hero of the Malaysian people of all walks of life, the greatest single threat to the 58 years of bureaucratically racial and despotically selective rule of the elitist UMNO and BN, the indispensable glue that unites Pakatan Rakyat (the Opposition Coalition), the global image of human rights violations in Malaysia, a fierce political fighter par excellence and a universally acknowledged prisoner of conscience — was once again declared guilty, this time by the so-called highest “court” in Malaysia.

Prison is not an unfamiliar arena and place of struggle for Anwar.

His first spell of jail was back in 1974, under the draconian Internal Security Act, when he was then a student leader, wherein he protested the prevailing hunger and poverty then in the country.

After the culmination of the first so-called Sodomy Trial, he was sent in prison from 1998/9 up to 2004.

Who would ever forget his picture with a black eye while he is in police custody?

Said photo shocked the world!

In 2008, he led the Opposition Coalition in nearly overthrowing the Federal government. That is the Political Tsunami that completely changed not only the ideological landscape of Malaysian politics, but also its political history and historical dimension.

For the first time in Malaysian political life and history — there is now a vibrant, growing, “young”, strong and genuine opposition against traditional politics, crony capitalism and single party rule for more than five decades.

March 8, 2008 — scarred the hell out of all UMNO and BN that they’ve decided that they have to do everything — at all cost — to end Anwar’s political career — by hook or by crook — in order to save their assets and asses.

The very frightening thought of PR defeating the administration in a democratic election, send such uncontrollable fear and undeniable paranoia to the powers that be!

Said fear and paranoia is not misplaced or baseless!

In the last General Election, the PR has garnered 53% of the popular votes, yet ironically by virtue of the abnormal and sinisterly peculiar form of Malaysia’s bastardized version of parliamentary system, Anwar and his allies was prevented by the prevailing “norms” and politico-racial set up of the establishment from duly forming the government.

This aberrant and highly unusual political fiasco in Malaysia did not escape the knowledge and attention of the international community.

The central substantive question that needs to be asked is:

Why PR who won the popular votes still remains in the opposition?

Or to put it in other words:

How could the true majority be in the minority and how could the minority be in control of the bloody government?

What the hell of the right of this “government” to rule the Malaysian people?

The whole thing boils down to the issue of political legitimacy and moral ascendancy in governance.

Again, to pose the inescapable question:

What is the political and moral right of the prevailing “government” to rule the rakyat?

The fear of the powers that be that that the next G. E. will put an end to their rule has led them to concoct the gravest and the most ludicrous political conspiracy ever made in the entire history of Malaysia. Their paranoia has also led them to perpetually persecute and habitually harass Anwar and his family.

They’ve systematically, since day one, portrayed the de facto Opposition leader as a sodomist, a gay, an immoral creature, a curse and a disgrace to the Malay race and a threat to the unity and diversity of Malaysian society.

They’ve tried to brainwashed repeatedly and in such notorious manner the entire country about all of these baseless charges and ridiculous accusation against Anwar by using all the resources of the Federal government, that is from the media (both print and online), the various television networks and other nefarious means available.

Yet, despite all of these dead rat shits and tons of mud thrown against Anwar, history has shown that the Malaysian people, does not believe the “government’s” evil lies, propaganda and slanders.

The following are the undeniable proof that the people believes in Anwar and subscribes to his reform agenda/struggle:

1. In 1998, for the first time in history, the Malaysian people went out of the streets, occupy Kuala Lumpur to show their solidarity to the sacked deputy prime minister.

2. While in jail, Anwar’s Reformasi Movement continues to grow and gather strength.

3. The volume of the people who greeted him when he was released from prison in 2004.

4. In 2007, he led the massive mammoth Bersih rally in the Malaysian capital.

5. March 8, 2008, as already noted, he inspired the political tsunami that threatened the status quo.

6. In 2009, he won a landslide victory in the Permatang Pauh by-election.

7. 2012, he led the Pakatan Rakyat in garnering the greatest popular votes for the Opposition Coalition.


Why after all of these feats, triumph and victories by Anwar and his allies with the support and solid solidarity from the Malaysian people, why the hell he is in jail?


Because the powers that be in Malaysia, that is UMNO and BN and the rest of their impertinent so-called component parties are all afraid of Anwar and his vision for the Malaysia.

A Call to the Malaysian People

You want to change the system, you want a better life and a good society for your family and children, then I say to all of you; there is no more recourse available for all of you but the path of the Struggle.

In a word: to the streets! It is only in occupying Kuala Kumpur that you shall conquer Putra Jaya.

Onward to the Struggle!!!



Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy and Social Science lecturer
Unibersidad de Manila

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