[Announcement] Job vacancy at BAN Toxics

BAN Toxics (BT) is an independent non-government environmental organization focused on the advancement of environmental justice, children’s health, and toxics elimination. Working closely with partner communities and other NGOs in both the local and international levels, BT endeavours to reduce and eliminate the use of harmful toxins through education campaigns, training and awareness-raising, and policy-building and advocacy programs.


We are looking for the following: Project Assistant for Industry Poll on Chemical Safety


The purpose of the poll is to identify gaps and needs in knowledge and security when it comes to chemical safety of consumer products, and to get indications of national opinions that can help BAN Toxics (BT) refine its national campaigns and policy work. It will also help the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and its partners refine their arguments and strategies for their work for strengthened chemical safety in the global policy arena.


The project assistant will provide assistance in coordinating with identified industry representatives to partake in interviews regarding their company’s views and practices in chemicals management.

Key Responsibilities

• Compile the contact information of the top 150 companies in the Philippines;
• Prepare the necessary documents for the (face-to-face/online) interviews (i.e. survey forms, ethics form, letters of request, etc.);
• Coordinate interviews with company representatives and ensure a 30 percent turn-out (45 companies);
• Coordinate with the Project Leader on how to carry out the coordination tasks and to report daily work done;
• Check that material necessary to carry out the survey is sufficient and appropriate;
• Recognize and give an account of problems in project coordination and other challenges encountered, as to support evaluation of data collection mechanism;

Reporting Arrangements

The project assistant will report to the Project Leader.

Personal Qualifications

• Good understanding and knowledge of the corporate bureaucratic process;
• Ability to gather information in an objective, appropriate and sensitive manner;
• Know how to effectively convey information, in both Filipino and English;
• Ability to coordinate time-bound activities and engagement; and
• Expertise to enter, transcribe, record, maintain data/ information in written or electronic forms;


1 month: 40 hours a week (full-time)
April 6 to May 6, 2015


PHP 11,000/ month (full-time; inclusive of taxes)

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