[From the web] Justice for the valiant defender of the Banwaons! Hold the killers of Necasio Precioso Sr. accountable! -RMP

Justice for the valiant defender of the Banwaons! Hold the killers of Necasio Precioso Sr. accountable!

For the past months we have witnessed the escalation of violence done against the indigenous peoples who are against the aggressive encroachment of mining and agri-businesses in their ancestral lands. We yet again raise the red banners of grief at the loss of a valiant defender of the Banwaon tribe, Balit Barangay Captain, Necasio “Angis” Precioso Sr. Angis is the founding chairman of Tagdumahan, a local organization of indigenous Banwaons in La Paz, Agusan del Sur. As the founding chairman, Precioso was specifically against Malampay, Makilala and Tambuli mining companies in San Luis, La Paz and Talacogon. Their group, and Precioso in particular, was also against the militarization of their communities through the AFP’s Community Organizing for Peace and Development (COPD).


Necasio “Angis” Precioso was felled by alleged members of the 26th Infantry Battalion (26th IB) while he was walking towards his son in Kilometro-2, Barangay Nuevo Trabajo, San Luis, Agusan Del Sur. The two gunmen on a black and white Honda XRM motorcycle without a plate number had come out of the barangay gym of Plabia where the 26th IB was based and followed Precioso’s son, Neco, when he passed by the said gym. Precioso who was coming from Barangay Balit with another son, Reyjoy, had stopped along the road when he saw Neco’s motorcycle to switch phones with him. The previous night, Precioso had an argument with Master Sargeant Andres Villaganas of the 26th IB after the latter accused the former of being a rebel supporter by disallowing soldiers to camp inside their community.

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