[Blog] The Barbarism and Inhumanity of the Indonesian police’s “virginity tests” by Jose Mario De Vega

The Barbarism and Inhumanity of the Indonesian police’s “virginity tests”
by Jose Mario De Vega

I refer to RT Question More, “Indonesia still performs ‘virginity tests’ on female police job applicants – HRW”, November 18th.

This is with regard to the barbaric practice still being committed by the police authorities in Indonesia subjecting prospective female applicants to a so-called “virginity tests”.

Mario De Vega

The whole damned thing is absolutely barbaric and said practice is undeniably inhumane to the very core!

I overwhelmingly concur with to the stern and firm contention of the Human Rights Watch that “Indonesia’s practice of subjecting would-be female police officers to ‘virginity tests’ is “discriminatory and a form of gender-based violence,” that has to be stopped.”

The associate women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch, Nisha Varia, in a statement said that:

“Police authorities in Jakarta need to immediately and unequivocally abolish the test, and then make certain that all police recruiting stations nationwide stop administering it…”

According to the report:

“The watchdog interviewed female police officers in six Indonesian cities to find out if women applying for a job in law enforcement still have to undergo virginity tests, despite previous promises by police officials to abolish the practice.

“The video with the interviews is now posted on the Human Rights Watchdog official YouTube feed. The women, hiding their faces from cameras and concealing their names, say they had to go through the pain and humiliation of the ‘two-finger test’, which HRW describes as an archaic and discredited practice.”


I condemn on behalf of humanity the Indonesian police for their barbarism and backwardness in instituting and implementing this utterly ridiculous, outrageous and super idiotic practice.

I am also equally condemning the Indonesian government for allowing their stupid and mediaeval police authorities to carry out this farce of abuse and inhumanity.

This rubbish derogatory act is an act of degrading and dehumanizing women!

The so-called “virginity tests” is nothing but a vulgar display of power of an utterly parochial and primitive “authority”. Its aim is nothing more than to remind women that society is control by men, that it is patriarchal and that they are merely at the mercy and whim of men.

Ultimately, the aim of the said barbaric practice is nothing more but to exploit, discipline and place women to their “proper place” in society!

This is all rubbish, a farce and a complete nonsense!

It is my firm view and so held that besides exploiting women, the said heinous act is also a sexual violence against women!

Consider the testimony given by a 19-year old victim as recorded by the HRW:

“I don’t want to remember those bad experiences. It was humiliating. Why should we take off our clothes in front of strangers? Yes, [the virginity testers] were women, but they were total strangers. It was discriminatory. It is not necessary. I think it should be stopped.”

The so-called “virginity tests” includes the pain and humiliation of the so-called “two-finger test”.

In short, in order for the Indonesian women to become a member of the police force, she must first be fingered.

What the fuck!

This is sickening to the out most!

Let us consider the idiotic “logic” used by the sick and bastard police authorities in justifying this barbarism and dehumanization.

According to the national police’s official website, it is posted there that undergoing the said test is a requirement.

Further, “in addition to the medical and physical tests, women who want to be policewomen [sic] must also undergo virginity tests… So all women who want to become policewomen should keep their virginity.”


I am wondering, what the hell does the said test got to do with the position or job of being a policewoman?

Are the Indonesian police implying that if a women is not fingered or no longer a virgin, she will not be a good police woman?

This is totally absurd and completely stupid!

It is my contention that the hymen of a woman has nothing to do on how she will discharge the burden of her function.

I am wondering does it occur to those bastards that there is a big chance and great probability that the very act that they are committing may lead to the shattering of those women’s hymen?

Are they aware that their very act may lead to the devirginification of those women that they wanted to be virgin?

The Associate Press quoted the Indonesian police spokesman Maj. Gen. Ronny Sompie who “urged people not “respond negatively” to the tests, explaining that they are done to ensure the applicants do not have sexually-transmitted diseases…”

As this idiot stated:

“All of this is done in a professional manner and did not harm the applicants…”


This bastard does not know what the hell he is talking about.

I am wondering, if he’s daughter wanted to be a policewoman, will he allow his own daughter to subject herself to the so-called “virginity test”?

Will he allow her to take off her clothes, in front of strangers, who shall perform or administer the said test?

Will he allow her to undergo the so-called “two-finger test”?

I wonder what would be the answer of this idiot!

August 25th, last year, I had already condemned the education official of Sumatra with regard to their bastard proposal of virginity tests for teenage schoolgirls.

I am inviting the public to read my article, “Virginity and Morals”, published by the Human Rights Online Philippines.

Said barbaric proposal caused an uproar and country-wide protest, now I am wondering, how come Indonesia instead of learning from the said episode has become even worst. Then, it was the school children, now it is the prospective police woman! I am wondering who would be their next target — come the new year?

This is a shame!

As I’ve stated then:

“What does virginity got to do with education? Whether or not, a woman is virgin or not is immaterial, her right to education must not be denied!

“The law, whether local or international did not stipulate that education are exclusive for the pure and the innocent! The law does not distinguished; hence that idiotic so-called head of education district has no right to make a distinction!

“Education is a basic human and universal right and it is available to all regardless of their station and background in life!

“A woman may be chaste or already deflowered, but it is my firm view that her morality and sense of decency cannot be reduced solely by her hymen.

“Morality and ethics are not mere physical features, they are in truth and in fact, internal attributes; their source are from the individual’s inner character!”

I call upon the government of Indonesia, specifically to their newly sworn president, Mr. Joko Widodo to intervene and tell that bastard and idiotic national police director to cease and desist from instituting, implementing and carrying out that so-called “virginity tests”.

Mr. President as you yourself said during your Inaugural Address:

“We want to be present among other independent nations with dignity, with pride. We want to build our own civilization, we want to become a creative nation, a nation that contributes nobility to the world’s civilization.”

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy and Social Science lecturer
Unibersidad de Manila

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