[Announcement] Job Post: Program Officer for Mekong Program -Focus on the Global South

Job Post: Program Officer for Mekong Program

Focus on the Global South is seeking a Mekong Program Officer based at its main office in Bangkok.

About Focus on the Global South

Since its establishment in 1995, Focus on the Global South (Focus) has become a leading activist think tank that works with social movements, progressive individuals and organizations, academics, policy makers and legislators who are challenging neoliberalism, market capitalism, militarism and corporate-driven globalization, while strengthening just and equitable alternatives. We work in solidarity with the Global South – the great majority of humanity that is marginalized and dispossessed by corporate-driven globalization – believing that progressive social change and solidarity are imperative if the aspirations and priorities of oppressed peoples are to be met.


Job Objectives

The Mekong region has been a strategic area of engagement for Focus for almost 20 years. Focus now seeks a Mekong Program Officer (PO) for strengthening popular education, grassroots empowerment and advocacy activities in the region.

The Mekong PO will support the development and implementation of the organization’s programs (Trade and Investment, Commons, Climate and Environmental Justice, and Power) in this region. The post holder must initiate, support and, where necessary, lead innovative projects that are in line with the organization’s overall programs and that promote the alternative concepts that Focus is committed to (deglobalization, buen vivir, the rights of Mother Earth, climate justice, etc.).

For more details please visit focusweb.org

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