[Featured Site] The Margin

The Margin FBAesthetics of the Margin is an art movement aimed at integrating consciousness into art (visuals, literary). It is open for all artist in different styles.

von adlawan

It believes that economic hegemony propels into a control over the culture that influences the mindsets or consciousness of an individual. Marginalized ideas/sectors identify its existence in relation to the prevailing bias of the existing rule (Gramchi, theory of Hegemony). For the elite critical culture that exposes, scrutinized the present hegemonic character of system is marginalized, labeled as unintelligible.

Culture is shaped by certain hegemonic control of the few/elite that influence even the most remote and isolated norms in society. Cultural hegemony comes in the control of media, communications,educational systems that spread out culture of submission to the prevailing norms. This control is manifested in economic control over and above the toiling majority by which the toiling majority adopts (Gramsci).

Therefore, this art should consistently not only expresses creativity but also project critical analysis in the crisis of the elite rule. Art should also be a movement that its primary mission is to a counter the existing and prevailing hegemonic system by means of giving alternatives, solutions.

Art should not only show the face of the crisis of elitist culture but also empowers the masses. Art should lead in the realization of collective power of the masses to create progressive artistic actions in changing their own situation.

The Margin is an experimental artistic projects combining literary, visual arts and integrate with consciousness. This consciousness that of par more advance, and critical from the mainstream culture and it seeks to project the impacts, manifestations and implications of a decadent culture that ruled the whole aspect of society.

As a movement, it tries to reach out the creativity of the youth in different aspect of their artistic expression. It instill in them the progressive content of art, which seeks the justice, freedom.

This ART MOVEMENT tried to develop critical analysis presented in Art.

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