[Statement] CLUP Now! Statement of Support to Climate Walk: A People’s Walk for Climate Justice

CLUP Now! Statement of Support to
Climate Walk: A People’s Walk for Climate Justice

The Campaign for Land Use Policy Now! (CLUP Now!) , a network of Peoples’ Organizations (POs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) advocating for the passage of a National Land Use Act (NLUA), is one with our Climate Warriors led by Comm. Sano in undertaking the Climate Walk: A People’s Walk for Climate Justice. This 40-day journey is a bold and timely initiative for everyone to show their concern for our planet and the survival of the human race. The climate fairs, as part of the program, are also good platforms to discuss the country’s needs in building a disaster-resilient nation.

The NLUA, which we currently lobby for in the Senate, is one of those climate-related policies supported by Comm. Sano that can help reduce impacts of natural and man-made disasters, such as that experienced during super typhoon Haiyan. The passage of NLUA can help protect millions of lives by proper identification of geo-hazard areas fit for safer settlements and livelihoods. The NLUA is intended to provide for a rational, holistic, and just allocation, utilization, management, and development of the country’s land and water resources. Comprehensive land use planning through proper allocation of land and water resources will achieve long-term objectives of security, social equity, and sustainability in the country. It is crucial especially in these times in light of climate change, worsening of disasters, and the looming food and water crises.

CLUP Now hopes that this campaign will inspire people and encourage decision makers around the world to make urgent and ambitious actions to address climate crisis that greatly affect vulnerable countries like the Philippines.

With this, the network offers our sincere support for this event to achieve its objectives by sending representatives to join the walk for certain distances and participate in some of the climate fairs.

CLUP Now! believes that the Climate Walk will significantly increase the awareness of the people which will translate into people-led climate revolution and will result to positive drastic actions that include the immediate passage of NLUA. The network hopes that through this event, we can achieve the climate justice that we are all aiming for.

For more information on the NLUA, contact:

Kim Alvarez, CLUP Now!, 0918-6545059, kbalvarez@gmail.com
Gillian Cruz, CLUP Now!, 09157830489, gillianmariecruz@gmail.com
CLUP Now! Network, campaignfornlua@gmail.com

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