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Virtual Museum of Courage and Resistance

There is a current aggressive social media campaign to rewrite the history of the Filipino people. Using graphics and great musical score, it retells the story of the Martial Law period in a favorable light, giving credence to the action of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. It also tried to trivialize the martyrdom and sacrifice of those who have struggled to regain our democracy.

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On the previous projects of the Museum of Courage and Resistance, we tried to fill this void by having the Museum come to the students. We tried to educate by taking our museum on a tour around different universities and colleges all over the Philippines to share the story of the Martial law era, not only the atrocities of human rights violations during the period but also the strength of character shown by the Filipino people in fighting against the dictatorship. We organized forum to discuss the importance of these stories to our present condition and that we, as people should continue in striving for real democracy and the absence of human rights violations.

Unfortunately, we can only reach so much audience. Because of limited resources, we could only organize this event in a number of schools in the country, we could also bring only limited number of material per leg of the tour. To reach a bigger number of audience, specially the younger generation, we have created this virtual version of the Museum of Courage and Resistance to make it accessible from all parts of the world. It will also be beneficial to older demographic, who may not be physically available to tour the museum will have an access through the online site.


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