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Faces of labor repression in Aquino’s four years

In stark contrast to government claims that there are no problems with workers’ rights, trade union repression and rights violations against workers and unionists, alongside deepening poverty of working population, characterize the labor scene under BS Aquino’s four years in office.

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Blatant union suppression prevails under the Aquino government. From June 2010 to June 2014, the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights documented at least 36 cases of union busting covering nearly 10,000 workers. When only 230,000 workers of less than 2 million unionized workforce are covered by collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), violations and non-implementation of these agreements are still happening with at least 40 cases documented in the same period.

Killings of trade unionists and urban poor leaders have not stopped with 17 cases and 18 victims of extrajudicial killings. Over 200 individuals were charged with false criminal charges due to political acts (or beliefs) or labor disputes. And another 25 cases of threat, harassment, intimidation against workers and unionists were documented from June 2010 to December 2013.

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Last May 03, Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz denied the findings of the International Trade UnionConfederation (ITUC) 2014 Global Rights Index Report which cited the Philippines as among the worst countries in the world of work for workers. Trade union centers like Kilusang Mayo Uno however affirmed ITUC’s findings said that the attacks made by the government, especially that of Aquino’s, on workers’ rights to form unions, collectively bargain and hold strikes have indeed made the Philippines one of the worst countries for workers.

CTUHR Executive Director Daisy Arago also refuted DOLE’s statement saying it is “a big lie” “Maybe she is referring to another country. Or perhaps she considers the public including the world’s biggest trade union center unthinking when she said that the [ITUC] report does not necessarily concern workers rights.” Arago added.

Blatantly violating lawful rights of workers

Accounts of union suppression disprove Baldoz’s assertion that there is “industry advocacy for workers rights.” On the contrary, capitalists were as ever bold in transgressing lawful rights of workers.

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