[Press Release] Liberal Party and its Tyranny of Numbers -BMP

Liberal Party and its Tyranny of Numbers
Aquino, Abad and Rep. Evardone Bastardizing Democracy, labor group says

AMIDST the snowballing calls for resignation and accountability from all sectors of society, the top-brass of the ruling party, the Liberal Party (LP) has not budged a bit and continued to assert their defenses for their involvement in the design and usage of unspent funds or the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).


Workers group Bukluran ng Manggawang Pilipino (BMP) claimed that the officials’ refusal to acknowledge and abide by the unanimous Supreme Court decision and consciously organizing the suppression of any impeachment moves in the Batasan Pambansa is the death “democracy” and the constitutional processes.

“Noynoy Aquino, Butch Abad and even Representative Ben Evardone (Eastern Samar) are not only bastardizing the very concept of democracy and fundamental principles of good government but are murdering democracy in front of our very eyes,” said Gie Relova of the BMP

He added that, “The suppression of a constitutionally-warranted impeachment process obscures every single letter of the Constitution; it stifles the fervor of an abused nation to seek justice for the billions of pesos in taxes quenched from their brow of every decent Filipino”

Since the Supreme Court declared part of the DAP unconstitutional, Malacanang has been claiming that they have done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, its allies in Congress led by Evardone have been busy issuing statements that they vow to block any and all efforts to impeach Aquino.

“If they, Aquino and his technocratic bureaucrats such as Abad and Cesar Purisima pledge innocence and uprightness, what do they have to fear in an impeachment court? That is what democracy is all about,” asserted Relova.

The group is seeking accountability and prosecution of all those involved in the blatant violation of the Constitutional provision limiting executive powers whether technocrat or elected official.

The labor leader also noted that the Aquino and his LP partymates are emulating then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s tactics in controlling its “co equal” branch of government, in an effort to block impeachment processes against her in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

“Its now a battle between the peoples’ resolve and thirst for justice versus the tyranny of numbers of the Liberal Party, the true enemies of democracy,” Relova surmised.

Relova warned that, “The cumulative pent up anger of the Filipino nation in its search for justice and accountability against corrupt Presidents coupled with low wages, contractualization of labor, high prices and abandonment of social services shall eventually explode like a massive social volcano reaching unprecedented political heights”.

Despite the ruling party’s insistence of committing no wrongdoing, Relova says that, “Justice will not be served in a silver platter and the axe must be wielded firmly by an aggrieved and desolate people, led by the deprived working class”.

“Let the axe fall where it should,” he concluded.

Press Release
04 July 2014
Contact person:
Mr. Gie Relova

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