[Blog] The insensitivity and disrespectfulness of JAIS. By Jose Mario De Vega

The insensitivity and disrespectfulness of JAIS
By Jose Mario De Vega

I refer to “Hindraf: Jais raid on Hindu wedding unlawful”, Free Malaysia Today, June 2, with regard to the barbaric act once again committed by JAIS on peaceful and solemn religious matrimonial ceremony being held in a Hindu temple.

Mario De Vega

I am compel to write due to the seriousness and gravity of the issues involved that deals with public interest and social harmony that is why I have no choice but to grab my pen to issue my condemnation and to register my contention.

I wholly concur with the NGO Hindraf in their accusation that the Selangor Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jais) has conducted (once again) an undeniably “an unlawful and unconstitutional raid on a wedding reception that was being held in a Hindu temple.”

I also join the Malaysian Hindu Sangam, Bar Council, all sensible and reasonable human beings who were hurt by this super ridiculous and utterly barbaric act so as the whole of civil society in condemning “Jais and the police for “trespassing” into the temple and disrupting the ceremony.”

What those bastards did is unacceptable and incontestably inhumane in all civilized society!

Hence, we are condemning to the utmost the illegal, immoral and undeniably unconstitutional raid conducted by JAIS to that temple wherein a traditional Hindu wedding is taking place!

I am wondering what will they feel if a group of non-Muslims would go to a Mosque and disrupt the ceremony and then when asked why they doing what they are doing, they will answer and say that:

“Oh, no worries, we are merely conducting a routine check, coz we are looking for some bombs, because we receive a complaint from someone and we are only protecting the public.”

Indeed, as P. Waythamoorthy, the Hindraft chief stated unequivocally:

“This action by Jais clearly shows disrespect to the sensitivities of non-Muslims and their place of worship. They clearly crossed the boundaries of their jurisdiction…

“The overzealous attitude by the Jais officers shows that they are given a free hand to interfere into the personal life of a non-Muslim individual and they seem to have impunity from the law.

“The absolute arbitrary power of these Jais officers to interfere into the non-Muslim affairs needs to be stopped immediately.

“There is a clear infringement of Article 11 of the supreme law of this country as seen in this matter.”

As clearly narrated by the FMT report:

“Yesterday Jais stopped a Hindu wedding in Petaling Jaya and detained the 32 year old bride.

“Jais are investigating the case under the 1988 Enactment (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims), which cites it as an offense to persuade, influence or incite any Muslim to change their faith.

“According to a Jais official, the bride’s identity card identifies her as a Muslim.”

According to an unnamed Jais official:

“The woman did not know that her father had registered her and three of her siblings as Muslims.

“She only found out when a relative saw their birth certificates…”

One of the culprits to this unfortunate event is the bastard father of the bride, “who had abandoned her a long time ago, had been responsible for registering her as a Muslim but she was raised and grew up as a Hindu.”

That idiot is the one who started this fiasco and that idiocy committed long time ago by a creature who, does not deserve to be called as a father, ironically and arbitrarily continued by an equally idiotic government/religious body.

The woman is not remiss or negligent with regard to her peculiar status and abnormal situation.
She said that “she had gone to the National Registration Department (NRD) to make a change on the religious status in her MyKad, once in 2007 and again last April.” Yet, on all those occasions, “she failed on both attempts as she was unable to obtain her father’s signature.”

Thereupon, and because the authorities had just wasted her time and resources by making her a run around both at the NRD and at the Sharia court, finally she decided to end this farce and imbroglio and decides to marry her boyfriend.

As she told The Malaysian Insider, speaking in Tamil::

“I was not afraid any more. I was fed up and could not wait any longer. I am getting old and I want a family of my own…”

Most importantly, she repeatedly stated that despite her Muslims name, she grew up as a Hindu and follows faithfully all its religious practices.

It was at the said ceremony wherein JAIS viciously violated her human and constitutional right to be respected and to be left alone.

On the Question of JAIS merely doing their job

Assuming for the sake of the argument (though it is so bloody remote) that JAIS are merely doing their job by conducting a routine check, still I am on the opinion that the manner, the time and the method that they’ve used and utilized are barbaric, inhumane and heights of insensitivity.

The vicious, hideous and utterly arbitrary and insensitive act illegally and unprofessionally committed by JAIS has clearly shown that they has no sense and knowledge whatsoever of even the most basic tenets of both ethics and morality. They have no sense of humanity and they have no concept whatsoever by compunction, decency and civility!

They have no sense of respect because their act is not only uncouth, but also gravely shameful!

One of the most important milestone and/or events in our lives as human being is the day that we decided to tie the knot.

In all civilized societies, all over the world such events are viewed with respect and civility.

Now, I am wondering, why the hell JAIS decided to do their job and conducted the said “routine check-up” on:

Point one: at the temple

Point two: during the ceremony

Point three: in such a barbaric manner


How come JAIS cannot wait until the end of the ceremony?

Why the bloody rush?

As usual, what those freaks did was a grave abuse of authority and abuse of their jurisdiction.

It was a grave abuse by virtue of their disrespect, not only to the bride, to the groom, to their whole family and friends but also to the temple, which is a holy ground and a neutral place.
Further, it is my firm view that what JAIS did hurt in no small amount and damage tremendously the whole face of the Malaysian public.

It was also indubitably an abuse of their jurisdiction, because they want to impose their beliefs to someone who does not believe.

The whole damn thing is a shame and a curse!

The De Facto Opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim must make to the public clear his stand with regard to the sheer immorality and extreme religious dictatorship of JAIS.

The Menteri Besar of Selangor must do the right thing!

First: condemn JAIS

Second: sue them for violating the Constitution

Third: order JAIS to help the woman to change her religious status

Fourth: command JAIS to apologize to the woman, her groom, her family and guest and to the whole nation and order them to compensate the woman for all the bloody troubles and humiliations that she suffered through the years that culminated on that fateful day of her wedding

Fifth: order JAIS to respect the Constitution and always follow the letter of the fundamental law

The Selangot state government must give that woman the justice that she deserved, because all that she wanted is to change her status, get married, have a family of her own and be happy!
Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy and Social Science lecturer
General Education Department
Unibersidad de Manila

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