[Blog] A useless ASEAN will lead to the Sinomization of the entire Southeast Asia. By Jose Mario De Vega

A useless ASEAN will lead to the Sinomization of the entire Southeast Asia
By Jose Mario De Vega

I refer to TJ A. Burgonio’s “PH, Vietnam urge strong Asean action vs China”, Philippine Daily Inquirer, May 12th with regard to the on-going 24th Asean Summit being held at Burma.

Mario De Vega

The world is well aware that besides the usual chores and normal talks of the countries involved in the said region, the highlights of this year’s meeting is not only the first ever time that Burma (a former pariah state) served as the host, but the question of China’s (now, the world’s leading bully besides the US) aggression to the region.

As accurately said by the said report:

“Disturbed by China’s provocation in the South China Sea, the Philippines and Vietnam urged the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) on Sunday to make a united stand to maintain its relevance.

“At a summit hosted by Burma (Myanmar), the Philippines and Vietnam pushed for stronger action to confront China’s aggressive behavior and some Asean leaders expressed concern over China’s provocative moves against the two members of the bloc.”


I overwhelmingly concur to the contention that it is only a united and a collective stand by Asean that it can maintain its relevance and honor.

A fragmented Asean is a good for nothing association! The regional bloc must unite to show to themselves; and to the world that it is a solid organization not a mere collection of nations pretending to be united, but sad to say, simply a collection of countries each pursuing their/its own personal self-interests!

I am commending the firmness and bravery of the Philippines and Vietnam in pushing for a stronger and firmer action to confront China’s aggressive behavior.

I am also applauding the utterance of apprehension and expression of concern of some Asean leaders with regard to China’s provocative moves against Manila and Hanoi.

Yet, unfortunately having said that, I am disgustingly disappointed with the said organization for not showing enough resolve, firmness and boldness in condemning China and uniting with the cause of Vietnam and the Philippines on the face of China’s continuous bullying and stand-off with the said two nations.

Again to quote from the report:

“But in their joint statement issued after the summit, the Asean leaders made no direct mention of China, indicating that few were willing to risk their countries’ political and economic relationship with the regional powerhouse.”


What kind of bloody organization is this? Two of its members are being victimized arbitrarily and repeatedly by a bullshit bully and some of its nations’ leaders are concern, yet end of the day, the statement that they had issued does not even contain a word about the problem of the region?

How come this so-called organization does not have the guts and the balls to directly and categorically name and mention and point China’s bullyism, aggression and imperialism to the region?

This is absurd!

This year’s summit is the next worst summit next to the meeting held in Cambodia wherein the so-called Asean in its 45 year existence had for the first time failed to issue a joint statement!

This year, yes they did, but what is the point of issuing a joint statement which does not specifically mention the problem?

That stupid so-called joint statement undeniably shows not unity of the Asean but its division, cowardice and playing it safe attitude!

This is a shame!

Technically, this year’s edition of the said summit is just a slightly ‘better’ version of the Phnom Penh meeting, except that if one will look deeply and closely; the end result is the same: which is a shame and a disgrace to the so-called region’s organization!

What is happening now or what is on-going now in Burma is nothing but drama and comedy of the worst tragic kind!

What is the bloody purpose for this so-called organization if they will not come out with a strong and firm and unequivocal statement that indisputably shows their united stand?

The whole world are laughing at this preposterous and lousy organization because it is a good for nothing bunch of useless, selfish and coward nations!

To restate my stand and my view, Asean is nothing but an organization that is pretending to be united, but the sad truth is: they are just fooling and duping themselves!

What is the point of holding each other’s hands, when the other members are merely watching from the sidelines while some of their member’s feet and arms are being beaten by a bloody bastard intruder?

What is the point of having a yearly summit or meeting, if they cannot even agree on the common enemy?

What is the point of all these gatherings and photo ops, when they cannot even issue a joint statement that is truly joint and not disjointed?

The answer is clear as the sky: few countries from Asean “were willing to risk their countries’ political and economic relationship with the regional powerhouse.”

Which means that the so-called Asean has no concept of united we stand, but merely divided to the core and that is base on their individual self-interests!

So bloody shame! So sad but true!

Enough of this fiasco, enough of this drama, enough of this lies and pretensions!

There is no such thing as Asean, it is just a matter of: to each his/its own!

Nonetheless, let me issue a stern and dire warning to the so-called Asean for the nth time while it still ‘stands’:

To the idiotic so-called Asean: enough of your words of concern and apprehension; which have no sense nor meaning because words without concrete action are nothing.

Enough of your pretensions and lies and fake solidarity, because it’s been a long time ago that you are not united.

The bloody good for nothing statement that you “jointly” issued has clearly betrayed the betrayal of the very principles which are supposedly the very values and principles why you all have agreed to establish the so-called organization in the first place!

Asean is dead and so as the rest of you! Sad but true, but your so-called organization is nothing but a zombie and a dead horse worthy of nothing!!!

If you idiots will not unite and forge true solidarity amongst your ranks and stand up as One against bullish and aggressive China; then that bastard bully and emerging imperialist shall conquer and overrun you all — one by one. They will turn the whole Southeast Asian region into a bloody red Chinese lake of fire!

Now that you still have time, grab the opportunity to unite as One, confront and fight China’s bullyism, naked aggression, provocations and imperialism in the region!


Because there is no iota of doubt that — a useless ASEAN will undeniably lead consequently to the Sinomization of the entire Southeast Asia and beyond…

Either you join your ranks and unite or all of you shall perish… one by one like miserable good for nothing bloody chickens…worthy of nothing…

Idiots, you have been warned!

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy and Social Science lecturer

College of Liberal Arts
Social Science Department
Technological University of the Philippines

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