[Statement] “Show us results of the pork scam investigation now!” -CEBU COALITION AGAINST THE PORK BARREL SYSTEM

“Show us results of the pork scam investigation now!”
May 16, 2014

The Cebu Coalition Against the Pork Barrel System, representing the more than 80 civil society organizations in Cebu, feels increasing indignation for the slow progress of the investigation into the most shameful accusations of crime the legislative branch of Government has ever faced in its entire history.

Cebu Coalition Against The Pork Barrel System

For the first time in the history of our country, the Legislature has come under the severest and most vociferous suspicions on its integrity. This is the one time in our history that a branch of Government is being blamed for its gross inability to lessen poverty in the country. People have come to doubt that Legislators never ran for office to serve the public good, but only to dip their fingers into the pork barrel funds.

While we are glad that more evidence has surfaced, and more witnesses come forward, we also feel disgusted at the apparent mishandling of the emerging issues.

As a unified group, we have come before God Almighty and prayed for the Truth to emerge fully out of this gigantic mess, and it appears our prayers are slowly being answered, yet hampered at the same time by persons whose interests remain in question.

We are compelled therefore to express our stand regarding the following issues.

1. Expose the true list. The emergence of the so-called different versions of lists of guilty officials supposedly from Janet Lim-Napoles and the undue attention the controversy stirred within official and media circles only served to confuse the public and muddle the process of getting the truly guilty punished.

2. More witnesses must come forward. The public’s sense of betrayal has reached a very high level, the disappointment with government so palpable, and the clamor for Truth now so strong. People are realizing that of the problems of the country, CORRUPTION has taken the worst toll on the lives of the ordinary citizens. This issue is a FIGHT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL.

We urge those who are in the know to come forward NOW, to do the right thing, to side with the GOOD and somehow clear your name for yourself and for the sake of your families.

GOOD will overcome EVIL, and when that happens, those who have a tinge of conscience left would do well to be on the right side. Regardless of how far down the wrong path you have gone, you are given a chance to stand once more on principle, for your sake and that of your descendants, and most importantly to help right the destiny of this country.

3. For the accused to RESIGN. True statesmen, those honorable men who are bred and raised to adhere to strict codes of conduct, will immediately resign under public accusations against their integrity, to allow investigations and legal scrutiny to proceed, unobstructed by any influence coming from them. Besides, DECENT legislators can submit documents that can withstand scrutiny.

To insist on staying in office because of their electoral mandate is WRONG! They cannot hide behind the pretense that they have to serve the electorate that placed them in office. The people voted for them in good faith, in all innocence of their possible crimes. The only way for these legislators to prove that this good faith is held sacred is to step down and step aside and allow the process of justice to proceed without delay, and to remain outside their office until their names are cleared.

“Delicadeza” is a long held value, practiced by the HONORABLE STATESMEN of this country, and of other countries as well. What exempts this present crop of legislators from this high standard of conduct? Do we sense Fear, fear that when one steps down, he loses substantial platform to influence the judicial system?

4. For all involved agencies to produce results. Although we believe in the strategic importance of not “telegraphing one’s punches” by withholding evidence, we are of the opinion that this strategy does not apply to the Pork Barrel Scam anymore because for certain, the guilty parties are already preparing their own defenses.

The grand announcements and the feigned moves only fuel exasperation with the system of justice in our country, creating the opinion that any person in authority can toy around with it, delay it, or derail it, for any purpose other than bringing the guilty to justice. These announcements, if not followed by significant action can achieve only one thing: make the press releasing official look good in the media.


Tel. No. 272-8091; Email: archdiocesandiscernment@gmail.com

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