[Blog] China’s criticism on the MH370: unjust, unfair and totally below the belt. By Jose Mario De Vega

China’s criticism on the MH370: unjust, unfair and totally below the belt
By Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

I refer to “MH370: ‘Under siege’ Malaysians hit back at China”, Free Malaysia Today, March 28 with regard to China’s stinging and strident criticism of the Malaysian authorities’ handling of the MH370 incident.

To quote from the said report:

“Authorities in Kuala Lumpur have been on the defensive since the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight went missing on March 8 with 239 people aboard, most of them Chinese citizens.

Mario De Vega

“In addition to near-daily displays of fury from Chinese relatives, China’s tightly controlled state media have heaped opprobrium on the Malaysian government and airline, while its secretive Communist government has urged more transparency in the investigation.

“A letter from the relatives, blasting Malaysia’s behaviour as “irresponsible” and “inhumane”, demanded China now mount its own investigation. And a US law firm says it is consulting with Chinese families on possible legal action against Malaysia Airlines and aircraft maker Boeing.”

By virtue of the fact that China is Malaysian’s primary trading partner and the world’s second largest economy, Putrajaya “has largely held fire” and conducted itself in a cool manner, but now, “the strain is starting to show”.

I have always been critical of the Malaysian government since day one, but on this specific issue, I am of the view that those bastard Chinese has gone too far and utterly overboard! Their harsh criticisms in my view are already below the belt and completely uncalled for.

Consider the following report of Jaime A. FlorCruz for CNN, “China treads carefully amid the anger and grief of MH370 relatives”, March 27:

“Zhang Ziyi, an actress known for her starring roles in Hollywood hits such as “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” took to Weibo, China’s Twitter-like micro-blogging service, to berate Malaysia. “Malaysian government, you are wrong not to revere life. You are wrong not to respect the universal quest for truth,” she wrote.

“Chen Kun, a popular actor who has 72 million Weibo followers, appealed for decisive action. “For the clownish prevarication and lies of the Malaysian government and the MAS (Malaysia Airlines), and your disrespect of our people, please let me, coming from my heart, boycott all Malaysia-related commercial products and tours related. Not just for the brief moment when the missing plane is in the heat of attention, but indefinitely.””


To Zhang Ziyi, you stated that the Malaysian government is wrong not to revere life.

In fairness to the Malaysian government, I never read or heard that they said that they did not revere life. Hence, I am wondering, what the hell entered your mind (if you have one) that made you say what you said?

What or where is your evidence in charging them of your baseless charge and undeniably unfair accusation?

You are also indicting the Malaysian government for not respecting the universal quest for the truth, my question to you is: why the hell your country is lying blatantly about the so-called 9 Dash Line at the West Philippine Sea?

Why the hell your bastard and greedy country is claiming almost all of the territories (when in truth and in fact, those territories are well within the exclusive economic zone of those nations) of sovereign countries at the South China Sea which is a grave violation of international law?

You talked about the truth, now can you also tell us the truth?

Hence, I say categorically: shame on you, you hypocrite pseudo actress! In fact, I cannot blame some people if they are calling you as a slut, because it seems to me that you are such!

To Chen Kun, you are saying that the Malaysian government does not respect your people. What is your basis or evidence in saying so? When in truth and in fact, it is your government and your people who are lampooning and bastardizing the Malaysian government and its beautiful people.

The Malaysian government is not perfect, but I believe that they did the best that they could to respond to this incident using all their resources and military might.

Not content with your stupid accusation and utterly preposterous claim, you are also calling for the boycott of anything that is Malaysian. That only goes to show your myopic view and idiotic mind.

I am so pleased and very happy that not everybody agrees with your stupidity, discrimination and idiocy.

Again to quote the CNN report:

“One Weibo user retorted: “Malaysia is nice — I stayed there for a week in 2007 and had pleasant memory of the place. To boycott the airline because of the incident is like stop eating after choking on food. To boycott the whole country because of the unreliability of the Malaysian government is also a personal loss for you. It’s not the Chinese government is that reliable.””

If your country is so good, how come it does not use all of its power (instead of bullying those small countries at the South China Sea, Japan, India, etc.) and might in helping Malaysia to locate the said plane?

In fact, it was France, the US and Australia that are vigorously helping the Malaysian authorities in locating the whereabouts of this plane? What the hell is the contribution of your country, except your good for nothing criticism?

Instead of acting like a bully and a crybaby, the right thing to do under the circumstances is to mobilize your forces and use all the resources of your empire to find the said plane.

Your cries and pinpointing will do nothing!

If the Malaysian authorities are not reliable, then what the hell can you say to your country? Both of them it seems are unreliable, then, what the hell is your qualms and complaint?

Shame on you, bloody bastard!

I understand what those grieving families are going through, but it does not mean that because of what they suffered it is a license for them to run down and blast the whole of Malaysia.

They must make a critical and crucial distinction. The Malaysian government and the Malaysian people are not the same. If the Chinese believes that the former is incompetent or not doing its best in discharging their function, then call their attention and criticize them heavily, but in a reasonable and just manner.

Assuming that that is indeed the case, that the Malaysian government is not good enough, the question here is: why the hell the Chinese will involve and drag the whole of the Malaysian people to their anger?

They (China and the families of the missing) failed to understand that no sane person wanted this accident to happen and that this tragedy is a lost to all of us, because we are all human!

It is on this great and direct sense that I would like to say to China: hey, you does not owned all of the grief in the entire world! You lost a number of your loved ones, but remember that Malaysia too and other nations for that matter had lost their families! It is not only you that is grieving, because the truth is: all of us are… Do not monopolize the sadness, because we are also in pain.

Hence, do not act as if you are the sole victim here, because in truth and in fact, we are all victims here but virtue of our collective Humanity!

You want the Malaysians to divulge all the information with regard to this tragedy, well that is good, but you must also divulge all the information with regard to the SARS epidemic, the Tiannamen Square uprising and your imperialism at the West Philippine Sea!

If Malaysia must come out clean, then you too must also do the same!!!!

Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

Philosophy lecturer
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Social Science
Technological University of the Philippines

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