[Blog] A call to every Filipino: Lift each other’s spirit. By Kuya Edel

A call to every Filipino: Lift each other’s spirit
By Kuya Edel

Rumor has it that Korina Sanchez had been suspended for one week in TV Patrol after commenting that a foreign reporter does not know what he is talking about, referring to the non-evidence of organized relief effort in Tacloban coming from the government. On the other hand, netizens flooded various social media sites with posts criticizing the Aquino administration for their slow, unorganized and somehow inadequate response to the disaster brought to us by Super Typhoon Yolanda. Even sincerities of the efforts of some celebrities and business institutions are being questioned. Things like these and more, sadly, will never help us get through with this hard time.


We all recognize that the impact of Super Typhoon Yolanda is beyond our expectation, unimaginable in some sense. With the catastrophe that killed thousands of people, affected million Filipinos and damaged billion worth of property, each act of kindness, big and small, is important. This is the time in modern history that everybody is called to do something.

This is not just a disaster in Leyte or in Tacloban or in Visayas Region but — of the whole country. As a nation, we are very hurt. I call on to everybody to please, let us not demolish each other’s spirit including of the government. What we need right now is encouragement over criticism.

We have lost thousands of people from our rank. And I hope we instead work together so that no one will no longer lose his or her life, or his or her dignity or even the hope that things will get better the next day.


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