[Statement] A fight against an entire system of corruption and political patronage -#ScrapPork Network

#ScrapPork Network Responds to President Benigno S. Aquino III’s October 30, 2013 Address to the Nation

In his Address to the Nation, the President presented the DAP, or the Disbursement Acceleration Program, as an expression of ‘Tuwid na Daan’. He also expressed displeasure at persons who, he said, criticized him unfairly and maliciously in relation to the pork barrel issue, and who called him names such as Pork Barrel King.

scrap pork network

The #ScrapPork Network (SPN) has consistently taken the position that the pork barrel issue is not about personalities per se. As we in SPN have repeatedly and clearly proclaimed, this is NOT a fight against just one person. Neither is the solution in the hands of a single person only. It is an all-encompassing concern for all citizens of this country which necessitate fighting against an entire system of corruption and political patronage.

We acknowledge the efforts of government at proposing changes in the budget process and the public finance system, and at investigating and holding persons liable for the massive pork barrel scam. We also acknowledge the achievements that our country has gained in the arena of international political economy. But these are not enough.

A systemic flaw in governance requires a systemic response. The pork barrel system has long plagued our institutions to the detriment of the entire citizenry. Nothing and no one are spared from the corrupting effects of the pork barrel system. It is therefore a challenge to the President that while he does not solely hold the solution to this systemic problem, he is in the best position to lead the nation out of this rut.

If he truly meant what he said about guiding the people towards the tuwid na daan, then, Mr. President, the pork barrel system is blocking the way. Join the people in destroying this barrier.


#ScrapPork Network Unity Statement & sign-up form: http://scrapporknetwork.com/scrappork-network-unity-statement/

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