[Press Release] Teachers’ day demand: Teachers’ salaries over pork -TDC

Teachers’ day demand: Teachers’ salaries over pork

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) will join the DepEd-initiated celebration of World Teachers’ Day tomorrow at the Philsport Arena (Ultra). The whole day activity will be attended by some 7000 teachers from Metro Manila, Central Luzon and CALABARZON.


TDC will surprise the crowd with their flash mob, a synchronized upbeat dance of some 250 participants from all over Metro Manila with the theme of regaining the dignity and pride of the teaching profession.

“This time we will use dance to show the many faces of Filipino teachers and their prevailing condition. We will also challenge the authorities to prioritize teachers and public education sector especially in making policies for development and funding for social services.” Said Benjo Basas, the group’s national cahirperson.

TDC will use the songs “Sino ba ang Titser?” composed by educator-musician Bobet Mendoza and “Guro, Ilaw ng Dunong” regarded as TDC national anthem. This is the first time that a flash mob of teachers will be performed in a DepEd event.

“We join this celebration and festivities because we appreciate the National Teachers’ Month declaration, however we challenge the government to institute tangible programs for teachers and public education system.” Basas added.

Basas scored on the government which he said is putting more priorities to pork and other perks of those in power.

“While the budget department is putting very huge amount of funds for PDAF, DAP and other discretionary funds for executive and legislative officials, the resources for basic social services especially public education were left behind.”

Basas argued that for fiscal year 2013 and 2014 there is no increase in their salaries or incentives and their bonuses are tax deducted.

“If the government will keep on prioritizing the discretionary funds of politicians over teachers and education sector spending, the national teachers’ month declaration would remain empty and lip service appreciation.” Basas continued.
Reference: Benjo Basas- 09205740241

October 4, 2013

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