[Press Release] Teachers ask DEPED to defer make-up classes -TDC

Teachers ask DEPED to defer make-up classes

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The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) appealed to the DepEd central office to consider deferment of the scheduled make-up classes in several divisions of Metro Manila, CALABARZON and Central Luzon. The group argued that the DepEd has yet to come up with a clear and uniform guidelines and the holding of make-up classes is contrary to its earlier pronouncements.

“While we recognize the authority of the schools division superintendents in imposing make-up classes, we would like to appeal to the DepEd Central Office to clarify the guidelines first for the purpose of fairness and uniformity.” Said Benjo Basas, the group’s national chairperson.

Basas said that based on the reports gathered by the TDC from the field, make-up classes differ in every school even those within the same district, division or municipality

“It creates confusion and comparison between and among the teachers in the field.” Basas continued.

Basas said the problem is due mainly to the policy of class suspension where the LGU executive has the authority to suspend classes in his jurisdiction while the DepEd field officials- from school heads, district supervisors, division superintendents and regional directors are empowered to impose make-up classes.

The group also asks the DepEd to clarify the use of buffer days.

“The school calendar since 2011-2012 up to the current school year declares 180 non-negotiable teaching and learning days or days where teacher is in full contact with the learners. It also sets aside buffer days for class disruptions, for SY 2013-2014, we have 21 buffer days out of 201 school days. How come that some schools and divisions are already having make-up classes? Are buffer days already consumed?” asked Basas.

TDC reiterates that make up classes may only be imposed once the 180 non-negotiable teaching days have been compromised. The DepEd in a statement on August 23 said, “The DepED annual calendar of around 200 school days already includes 20 days buffer for class disruptions. There may still be enough buffer days at this time of the school year so as not to require make up classes following the days lost this week.”

Basas said that th eDepEd is consistent with its position, in fact on October 24, 2011 press release on the clarification of semestral break, DepEd said, “Education Secretary Armin Luistro specified that the total number of school days shall be 202 while the total number of teaching-learning days shall be 180 days. The 22-day difference shall be for national and local events and celebrations, national, division and regional achievement tests and class suspensions due to calamities.

Basas reiterates that the scheduled make-up classes for tomorrow and on following Saturdays be defer until a clarification and unified guidelines from the DepEd Central Office have been issued.

“We believe that there may be a need for make-up classes would be necessary to cover the lost learning days of our pupils and students, however, we appeal to all the field officials of the DepEd to do it in a proper manner and the clarification from the office of Secretary Armin Luistro would be necessary.” Basas ended.

The group formally wrote to DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro to act on the matter immediately.

September 6, 2013
Reference: Benjo Basas, Chairperson- 09205740241

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