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Climate change and human health — a glimpse of history repeating itself
by dhet173
September 2, 2013


The human race have long experienced the wrath of nature. The ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Mayans and European populations among other primeval inhabitants during the four centuries of the Little Ice Age were all distressed by nature’s climatic cycles. Disasters and disease outbreaks occurred repeatedly in response to the extremes of climatic cycles from drought to flooding to extreme cool climate.

Cool, wet summers led to outbreaks of an illness called St. Anthony’s Fire in Central Europe. Malnutrition led to a weakened immunity to a variety of illness. Even in non-tropical areas where malaria was less likely to be expected, became one of the most dreaded illness and caused significant number of deaths in England.

In 1969, when the Apollo moon shot provided extraordinary images of the earth suspended in space, people’s view on the biosphere and its limits were transformed. People gained more understanding on how both human and animal species depend on supplies of food and water, freedom from excess infectious disease, and the physical safety and comfort conferred by climatic stability, that the world’s climate system is fundamental to this life-support.

However today, massive outbreaks of climate-induced diseases continue to threaten the population. Humankind’s activities are altering the world’s climate. We are increasing the atmospheric concentration of energy-trapping gases, thereby amplifying the natural “greenhouse effect” that makes the Earth habitable.

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