[Blog] Heroes March to Scrap Pork Barrel by Rod Rivera

Heroes March to Scrap Pork Barrel
by Rod Rivera

The reports of the Commission on Audit raised the question on the disbursement of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), as it clearly show that the Filipino taxpayer’s money, P10 billion pesos of hard-earned money from the labor force and the businesses in the Philippines is plundered by greedy politicians and fake NGO’s.

PDAF is an open source for the opportunist to amass wealth from the nation’s treasury. Clearly, it is not just the Philippine Government which loses here, but the Filipino people – the taxpayers who deserve the services of the government from what they share in the national treasury. The posh lifestyle of the Napoles family, their properties, their bank assets have been exposed to be linked to PDAF in those years.

In the thread of events, they are accomplices to the crime of corruption against the Filipino people. They are not the culprits, there are many of them, sitting in power and now washing off their hands and finding the best means to save their face. That could also be one reason, why it appears to be difficult to find the Napoleses.

As accomplices, they are also witnesses who can point the finger to the politicians who shared with them the plunder from the Filipino people. Who are those senators and congressmen and executive officials who dealt with the Napoles’ enterprise. By law, non-government organizations are not allowed to be such enterprising. They are registered as non-stock and non-profit.

The COA report is indeed a tangible evidence of how PDAF is an open source for greed and corruption. Never in the history of contemporary Philippine government, that such massive form of corruption is exposed. Never in the history of the Filipino people that various sectors are stronger in number to voice their opinion against such corrupt practice.

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