[Statement] Be calm and critical: Justice must be served! -LMK on the Series of Bombings in Mindanao

Be calm and critical: Justice must be served!
Liga ng Makabagong Kabataan Statement on the Series of Bombings in Mindanao

Justice must be served to the victims of the series of bombings in Mindanao the past months and the recent one in Cotabato City on August 5, 2013 killing 9 and injured 25 more!

We strongly denounce any attack to civilian population of whatever purposes it may. We believe that this is an orchestrated and there are groups of people behind these. We should not allow these trouble-makers to win in their agenda to spread fear, panic and hatred among us.

To the families, friends and relatives of the victims of these bombings we express our Solidarity and Sympathy.

We call on authorities to maximize all efforts available without jeopardizing due process to bring before the law those culprits and behind of these bombings. We call the attention of the authorities while in pursuit for justice not to curtail human rights and due process. Thus, we reiterate that militarist and militarization would never be an effective response to this.

We also call on the peace loving communities to cooperate in bringing the suspects before justice and importantly safeguard the victories of the peace processes in the region while continue to demand for an inclusive process.

We call on the tri-people and all social sections to be more critical and united amidst these threats. Our unity is our strength and our foundation against all evils who wanted to divide us and propagate hatred.

At the same time, we demand to revolutionary organizations and fronts to join the whole population and bring justice for the victims.

We also denounce any military intervention from foreign troops. It will only add more tension and justification for the further foreign interference in our local affairs.

To those responsible groups, stop this coward and evil works or you shall suffer the struck of justice in the hands of any circumstances.

Liga ng Makabagong Kabataan
Mindanao, Philippines
7 August 2013

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