[Statement] PLDT/DIGITEL Management… Untouchable? -DEU

PLDT/DIGITEL Management… Untouchable?

DSC01955After continuously defying and snubbing the Supreme Court’s decision (G.R.No. 184903-04, January 21, 2013) and Department of Labor and Employment’s order (Writ of Execution, March 19, 2013) to commence Collective Bargaining Agreement and Back to Work in favor of Digitel Employees Union (DEU), the PLDT/DIGITEL Management filed a case versus DEU, last April 16, for illegal occupancy and trespassing, summons were served the following day, and last Friday, the 19th, a hearing was set at Makati RTC branch 65.

But before any decision or order was issued by Makati Court 65, the management has decided on its own to take action against the DEU’s Picket and Hunger Strike area according to Ramon Alphonsus Morato, Asset Protection Specialist of PLDT.

April 21, Sunday, at around 3AM, more than a hundred (100+) security guards, fully-armed with shields and truncheons, coming from the left side and right side of the RC building, while making a noise by thumping and pounding their shields, ran and rushed toward the DEU Protest Center cordoning the area.

The DIGITEL employees, including the three (3) hunger strikers, namely: Alan Licardo, Arly Montecastro and Jesse Furaque, were driven out of the area toward the streets of Ayala. Morato, who headed the dispersal team, gave the DEU members two (2) minutes to call anyone who could help them regarding the demolition and after which he ordered his security guards to dismantle and demolish the make-shift tent of the hunger strikers. Behind the shoulder-to-shoulder formation of the dispersal team, banners and flags were brought down, some tarpaulins and placards were torn, some belongings of the picketers were scattered, and a perimeter fence was put up in front of the PLDT office occupying part of the sidewalk.

Is the PLDT/DIGITEL management has its OWN LAW outside of the Philippines’ Law? The peaceful protest staged by the DEU started April 10 and the hunger strikes started April 16, it has been two weeks now and counting, but still the management keeps on defying the SC decision and DOLE order. And add to that the case they filed versus DEU at Makati RTC, why did they acted on their own ahead of Makati Court branch 65’s decision came out?

What makes them untouchable? Where is the proper enforcement and implementation of the decisions and orders of our Government Offices?

Respect the law; don’t make a mockery of our law. Or else, SHAME ON YOU!!!

REFERENCES: Allan Licardo – Union President – 09225375689
Fritz Alzuelo – Union Vice President – 09228958758
Picket Direct Landline – 345 5991

April 24, 2013

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