[Press Release] Stand firm, repel the workers bully!!! -DEU


Stand firm, repel the workers bully!!!


DEU copyBehold, in front of you are the gallant men and women of Digitel Employees Union (DEU). In its fight against PLDT’s Corporate GREED. Their scheme of Closure via REDUNDANCY is a clear union busting and to promote CONTRACTUALIZATION. They are pushing their scheme even if it’s against the LAW.

Last March 15, 2013, more than four hundred (400) regular employees of DIGITEL have been terminated via the Redundancy Program of PLDT/DIGITEL Management. Almost 80% regular employees availed the program where they are paid 190% of their number of years in service. Almost all of these redundant employees were offered jobs as contractual under SERVEFLEX and PEOPLESERVE, with the same salary, same position, same job description and same work location. HOW CAN THIS BE REDUNDANCY?!!! A clear violation and act of Illegal Dismissal.

For nine (9) years of DEU struggles, we abide by all the rules of LAW. DEU WON ALL THE LEGAL BATTLES!!!
Major CASES                                                                                                                                            PLDT/DIGITEL                          DEU
NCMB-NCR-NS-11-307-04 (National Conciliation & Mediation Board)                      LOST                                                WON
NCMB-NCR-05-09605                                                                                                                        LOST                                                WON
NLRC-NCR-CC #000302-05(Nat’l Labor Relations Comm.)                                            LOST                                                WON
GRSP # 91719/94825 ( Court of Appeals)                                                                                  LOST                                                WON
GR # 184903-04 (Supreme Court-With Finality 01/21/13)                                               LOST                                                WON
WRIT OF EXECUTION ( DOLE – March 19, 2013 )                                                                LOST                                                WON

With all these LEGAL matters in place, why is it that JUSTICE is still not enforced? Why is it that JUSTICE is still out of reach? IS PLDT/DIGITEL ABOVE THE LAW? Why is it that this company continue to defy all the Decisions of the Philippines’ Government Offices?

Last March 22, 2013 a manifestation was issued by PLDT/DIGITEL Management in answer to the WRIT OF EXECUTION issued by DOLE, stating that DIGITEL is no longer in a position to commence Collective Bargaining Negotiations with the DEU because the Company has been integrated with PLDT and all of its employees have already been terminated via Redundancy Program.

Last April 10, 2013 because of continuous defiance of PLDT/DIGITEL Management to the Rule of LAW, DEU started a Peaceful Protest Rally in front of PLDT Main Office at RC Building, Ayala, Makati, and a HUNGER STRIKE followed last April 16 until now. But our presence caused them “IRRITATION” and “SHAME”. They even covered the Picket Line with a shuttle bus and tall security guards and desperately made a move to drive us out of PLDT premises.

Last April 16, 2013 a case was filed at Makati RTC by PLDT/DIGITEL Management to DEU for allegedly violated Illegal Occupancy and Trespassing at the property of PLDT in a premise that PLDT and DIGITEL is a separate entity a clear conflict to what they said earlier that PLDT-DIGITEL has been integrated.

Last April 19, 2013 at 3:00 AM the PLDT Management with the help of more than 100 PLDT Security guards dismantled our Protest Center and acting by itself without the Order and result of the Makati RTC decision. A CLEAR DISRESPECT OF THE LAW!!! Where are we going to seek JUSTICE if these Powerful and Rich Company does not abide by our Laws? Let’s bring HOPE to our Society, for the sake of our children’s career and future. Join the fight, join the cause!!!

Press Release
April 24, 2013
References: Allan Licardo – DEU President (09223756892)
Fritz Marie Alzuelo – DEU Vice President (09225375689)
Picket Direct Landline – 345 5991

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