[Press Release] Stop the killings of the B’laans, No to SMI-Xstrata Mines -SANLAKAS

Stop the killings of the B’laans, No to SMI-Xstrata Mines

sanlakas-logo2Barely 3 months after the Tribal communities woke up in the gruesome massacre of Juvy Capion 27 and her two sons Jordan 13 and John 8 last October 18, 2012 a new round of killings occurred.

Last January 29, 2013 two B’laan tribe members Kitari and Diyo Capion were killed by military men allegedly from the Task Force Kitaco. . This is a special task force created under the Army’s 1002nd Infantry Brigade. Whose main assignment is to oversee and secure the areas where SMI-Xstrata’s mining project operates.

“Sanlakas calls on the Commission on Human Rights for an immediate investigation of the killings and mounting human rights violations in the area. Instead of providing justice to the massacred Capion family’s the military sent more troops and conducted more operations in the area. This is overkill, sending trucks loaded with militaries with high powered guns in a peaceful area of the B’laans until SMI-Xstrata came. “Said James Miraflor Sanlakas Party list National Spokesperson.

Helpless men, women and children run for their lives seeking refuge for the fear of getting killed leaving their houses, lands and all means of living. The B’laans is the one of the many Indigenous Peoples living in the area where the SMI-Xstrata mines operate. And they are not alone in opposing the project, in fact just last month the Sanguniang Panlalawigan of South Cotabato re-iterated their position banning open pit mining in the area. A method of extracting minerals from the earth which SMI plans to utilize. According to Sanlakas Sec.General Ms.Manjete Lopez “This are all reminiscence of the Marcos Martial Law era. Wherein the military instead of providing security and protection to the very people they swear to serve ,gave their allegiance to multinational corporations to continue plundering the nation and making the people sink more in the quagmire of poverty. This must be stop and justice must be served immediately. I personally experience same harassment and I knew how it felt to be in their shoes.”

Sanlakas strongly believed that Justice and Peace in Tampakan can only be re-instituted when SMI-Xstrata is no longer around and the military are pulled out from the area. Then the killing stops.
February 7, 2013
Contact Person: James Miraflor, National Spokesperson @ 0927-613-2068
Val De Guzman, Media Liaison @ 0919-965-7509


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