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Supreme Court discourse on Cybercrime Law
By Melinda Quintos De Jesus, http://www.cmfr-phil.org
January 17, 2013

CMFRI THINK the online community in the Philippines should take some time to listen in on the presentation of the oral arguments in the Supreme Court against the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. It is not easy listening. Not all of it is riveting or compelling. But the opportunity to listen in on an exchange about freedom of expression at this level should not be wasted. Not if you, like we do, believe in freedom of expression.

Indeed, the discussion in itself is rare. Except for the small community of press freedom and human rights advocates, who, sometimes but not too often, connect with those involved with artistic and academic freedom, freedom of speech in this very talkative society has been viewed more as a sectoral theme. It is an issue that concerns people who work in special fields, art, news and communication, as though freedom of speech, a fundamental aspect of our being human, is seen as a special capability and an extraordinary entitlement. Few Filipinos think about their freedom of speech. Perhaps, because it is something they take for granted.

There is all the more reason then to be in touch with what’s being said in the High Court.

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