[Campaign/event] Educate young men and boys to take a stand against the root causes of commercial sexual exploitation -CATW-AP

Educate young men and boys to take a stand against the root causes of commercial sexual exploitation.

CATW APWhy we care: The demand for the bodies of women and children for commercial sex is a root cause of human trafficking.

How we’re solving this: Curb the demand for commercial sex by educating young men and boys about gender based violence.

CATWAsia Pacific’s (CATW-AP) innovative and visionary young men’s educational camps on gender, sexuality, and prostitution are designed to curb the demand for commercial sex. CATW-AP has developed the first model of its kind designed to educate young men about sexuality, the realities of gender discrimination as manifested in commercial sexual exploitation, and the role men and boys can play in ending the cycle of violence against women. These camps help young men re-imagine masculinity premised on gender equality and nonviolence.

In Asia Pacific, graduates of the camps have formed the national advocacy organization, Youth and Students Advancing Gender Equality (YSAGE). In the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and in India thousands of youth have been educated to take a principled stand against the root causes of commercial sexual exploitation, including the demand for prostitution and pornography, and unequal economic, legal, political and social conditions.

Your support will allow for these workshops to be implemented with young men in remote areas of the Philippines (Visayas and in Mindanao) where they are needed most. This funding would allow for youth leaders to expand the reach of this model and educate their communities and schools to curb the vulnerability of women and children to commercial sexual exploitation.


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