[In the news] Don’t abolish PCGG, hire ‘better people’ to go after Marcos wealth – Saguisag -InterAksyon.com

Don’t abolish PCGG, hire ‘better people’ to go after Marcos wealth – Saguisag
By Stella Tomeldan, InterAksyon.com
January 6, 2013

InterAksyon logo2MANILA, Philippines – The Aquino administration should not abolish the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) but instead allocate more funds so that “better people” may be hired to recover the people’s wealth from the family of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, former senator and human rights lawyer Rene Saguisag said.

He said the specialized body created during late president Corazon Aquino’s administration in 1986 is the only agency that could forfeit ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses and their cronies as well as represent the government in forfeiture cases of the Marcos assets abroad.

Saguisag, who served in President Corazon Aquino’s Cabinet, also recommended that the government adopt policy and administrative changes that would allow the 9,539 victims of martial law who won an indemnification suit in Honolulu in 1995 to recover Marcos assets without the PCGG blocking it.

“If the current PCGG is complaining about its budget, then the government should give them more funds to get better people,” said Saguisag in a television interview over the weekend. “The agency needs moral stamina (to continue the cases against the Marcoses and their associates).”

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