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About PDRC
PDRC was founded in 2001 on three cornerstones: RESEARCH, INFORMATION and NETWORKING.

This is rooted in the belief that research-based advocacy for, and by the Filipino Deaf community is a key to its struggles. PDRC is a non-stock, non-profit corporation. Fields of focus include sign language linguistics and interpreting, employment and livelihood, education, media and technology, health, policy and legislation, and Deaf culture and the arts.

Information and telecommunications technology play an important role in the workings of the PDRC. As a resource center, it goes beyond the convention of being a static repository of materials. Much of its know-how and services that it has available to share is brought out to the community and aims to build a strong virtual presence at the grassroots.


To serve as a nationwide center for the Filipino Deaf community, and its individual and collective stakeholders, in the various needs, challenges and issues that concern it, by:

Encouraging, conducting and commissioning RESEARCH, particularly on sign language linguistics and interpreting, employment and livelihood, education, health and counseling, policy-making and legislation, media and technology, and Deaf culture and the arts;

Gathering and providing INFORMATION through the development of materials, and their publication and dissemination by print or electronic means; and

serving as a NETWORKING support for caregivers of the Deaf, advocates for the community, and Deaf organizations.

To know more about PDDRC, visit www.phildeafres.org

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