[From the web] Women’s Health Now In Crisis: Pro-Poor Comprehensive Women’s Health Program Needed– Rep. Emmi De Jesus- Gabriela

Women’s Health Now In Crisis: Pro-Poor Comprehensive Women’s Health Program Needed– Rep. Emmi De Jesus
July 20th, 2012

The failure of the Aquino Administration to reduce maternal mortality justifies an immediate review of its health care policies,” according to GWP Rep. Emmi De Jesus on the DOH report that the Philippines failed to reduce maternal mortality despite efforts and interventions.

“President Noynoy Aquino‘s administration is killing our poor women with its failure to deliver the much needed pro-poor and comprehensive health care services to women. Maternal deaths in Metro Manila alone in 2010 were caused by eclampsia, haemorrhage, medical complication and infection. These are easily preventable complications if only there are enough health care facilities with enough health care providers to deliver the much needed health care for the mothers and infant,” added De Jesus.

The 2011 report of Center for Women Resources (CWR) revealed that 90 million Filipinos are served by only 3,050 doctors, 4,600 nurses, and 16,800 midwives.

“Passing a reproductive health bill is not the sole solution to reducing maternal mortality. The government needs to address the more fundamental questions of joblessness and poverty while making health services accessible and affordable to poor women who are the ones victimized by easily preventable complications that cause maternal deaths. This situation is further aggravated by the government’s continuing neglect of the health sector by passing the responsibility to private business through corporatizing of 26 major regional government hospitals,” the Gabriela solon further added.

“Gabriela pushed for a reproductive health bill that will provide the Filipino women a comprehensive health care. Its framework on women’s health goes way beyond the distribution of contraceptives to curb population growth. Enacting a health policy that will help ensure women’s full access to health care will help prevent maternal mortality. But the government must also create programs that will provide for decent local jobs with living wages so the families will have enough income to spend for their health,” ended De Jesus.#

Source: www.gabrielawomensparty.net

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