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Why would the Army abduct Jonas Burgos?.

April 28, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Sometime in 2006, an Army battalion in the northern province of Bulacan was alerted about communist infiltration in its ranks. A young lieutenant was supposedly feeding guerrillas sensitive intelligence data from the military.

The Army then plotted to spy on its own. After a few meetings in Fort Bonifacio, headquarters of the Philippine Army, and with the help of the secretive Intelligence Service Group (ISG), key field and intelligence officers ordered a tight surveillance on 2nd Lt Dick Abletes, a fresh recruit from Leyte who was then 28 years old.

Abletes’s commander at that time, Col Melquiades Feliciano, led the quiet probe on the young lieutenant.

At one point, Feliciano said, Abletes was “seen face to face talking to unidentified members, suspected members of the CPP/NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines/New People’s Army), and he was actually overheard saying things against the organization [military] and in fact giving classified documents.”

Army agents caught Abletes “transmitting information, vital information to the CPP/NPA.” His back and forth with the NPA dragged for months.

On March 23, 2007, ISG agents were able to monitor Abletes’s meeting with NPA rebels and a “Melissa Concepcion Reyes” in Bulacan.

In that meeting, Abletes was supposed to have supplied them the military’s “top secret” Working Order of Battle, a list of guerrillas that intelligence and operational units are tasked to “neutralize.”

That was it for the Army. Three days later, agents went for the kill and arrested Abletes.

During a military pretrial probe on Abletes, the Army presented as proof of his ties with the NPA a video recording of that March 23 meeting.

Abletes apparently continued his contacts with the NPA while he was held in the ISG jail, as part of the Army’s strategy to lay out a trap for his underground contacts. In text messages, Abletes would tell his guerrilla-friends that he had been sent on schooling thus his absence.

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