[Blog] In Defense on the Women’s Rights and Welfare by Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

In Defense on the Women’s Rights and Welfare
by Jose Mario Dolor De Vega

I refer to the shocking and truly outrageous news pertaining to the controversial decision handed by Turkey’s judiciary in a high-profile rape case. According to the report of Dorian Jones from Istanbul, this particular case involves a Turkish “appeals court reducing the prison sentences of more than 20 men convicted of having sex with a 12-year old.” As of the moment, the same is pending at the European Court of Human Rights and has become the focal point of growing anger.

Indeed, the “case of the girl, legally known as NC, continues to cause outrage and anger” in the said country.
In fact, “last November, hundreds of people protested in the Istanbul, condemning Turkey’s Court of Appeal ruling that the then 12-year old child consented to being raped by more than a dozen men and sentenced most to only one or two years in jail”.

As a close student of the law and a practicing philosopher, this is one of the most stupid and utterly preposterous arguments, if one rational being could ever construe it as such in my entire conscious life.
How on earth could a 12-year old girl, a minor at that could ever gave a voluntary, fully informed and untainted consent?

It seems to me that that idiotic court is telling the whole world that a man or in this undeniably outrageous case, a group of sexual predators can secure consent from a child for her to be their sexual slave?!
This is the height of absurdity and inhumanity!

Worst, as fully documented by the Human Rights lawyer, Eren Keshkin:

“From the beginning this was terrible court case, she said, involving a 12-year-old girl who was an orphan. She was abducted and held for months, where she was rented out to be raped by more than a dozen men, which included local state officials and an officer in the army. The lawyer said all of these men are supposed to protect the people.

Keskin said the case exposes the worst aspects and deficiencies of the Turkish justice system in how it treats female victims of sexual crimes, especially minors. She said she was appalled at how NC was treated through years of legal hearings.

“The judges humiliated her, demanding she explain in detail what was done to her in front of the defendants. Keskin said there was no support for her in the court, no protection, she was the accused, it’s was very hard for her”.
I concur with the sharp observation of this valiant advocate that the said “case highlights that Turkish law is very male orientated and feudal in its mentality”. Further, “she added that there have been many positive changes to the law, but in its application and implementation there have been only small steps”.

The victim is now a fully grown woman, her lawyer Keskin is still steadfastly supporting her. NC is also planning to attend a university.

Though her quest for justice has ended unfortunately in Turkey, all is not lost and the struggle continues. I applaud her and her advocate in elevating the said case to an international court!

Hence, as already noted she is now seeking redress in the European Court of Human Rights, where Keskin hopes and so would I; NC will finally get that elusive justice and attain that moral vindication!

This detestable case is also related in a sense with regard to the heart-breaking news of a 16-year old Moroccan girl who committed suicide after she was forced to marry the monster who had raped her.
Added insult to injury, this young lass decided to end her life, just days after the world celebrated the International Women’s Day! This is so ironic! What a shame! Such infamy and barbarity! Sad but true!

According to the reports:

The suicide last Saturday of Amina al-Filali, who drank a lethal amount of rat poison, sent shockwaves through Morocco and sparked widespread calls for reform of law that ostensibly defends family values”.

As a Humanist, I do not understand what do they meant by family values or what their concept of honor is. Yet, I know that it is against all values and virtue to rape and sexually assault a woman against her will and consent. My idea of honor is that by respecting all women, because all women carries with them the images of our mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, wives, friends and daughters.

Hence, following the logic of this argument, the moment I dishonor any woman’s honor and violated their persons, I am also in a sense dishonoring and violating the images and honor of all the female members of my own family. I am not a man, but an animal; an animal of the worst kind!

As the mother of Amina asked:

“Can you imagine that a man who forced a girl to follow him with a knife, and who rapes her, could then want to marry her?”

Needless to state, I am firmly condemning and categorically denouncing Amina’s assailant and rapist to the highest possible degree! This monster has no right to exist in a civilized society or any decent community for that matter!
I am also renouncing and criticizing to the maximum extent the discriminatory mind-set and backward culture of both Turkey and Morocco with regard to their unjust, unfair, totally inhumane and completely barbaric treatment of women!
These two societies must change, if they fully want to join the international community of nations.

First, they must amend and/or repeal their archaic, barbaric and backward laws. Second, they must pass strict legislation that will fully protect women’s rights and welfare! Third, assuming there is already the existence of a good law; the relevant authorities concerned must implement and execute the law without bias or discrimination. Finally, said laws must be equally applicable to all! They must render justice without fear or favor! Needless to state, the basis of the law should be reason, not passion or culture or belief and traditions!

The continuing struggle for purposes of upholding and protecting the rights, general welfare and over-all well-being of all women is the interest and duty of all Humanity!

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