[Announcement] Call for participants, HASIK: Dare to spark change through Cinema -DAKILA

Call for participants. Dare to spark change through Cinema

HASIK is the Advocacy Filmmaking Program of the Active Vista Film Festival.

Hasik (to spread) is a platform to spread the power that films possess in shaping the consciousness of its audience. It seeks to empower the new generation of filmmakers into creating films that address human rights issues and concerns. Hasik challenges new filmmakers to dare to spark change through cinema and to empower its audience towards social consciousness and involvement.

This advocacy cinema lecture and workshop sessions shall provide an opportunity to 50 young, aspiring filmmakers and students to be mentored by the film industry’s most brilliant and respected personalities. Selected participants shall undergo a three day intensive training on the fundamentals of advocacy filmmaking.

Fifty participants of the Advocacy Filmmaking Seminar shall be selected based on their proposed film concepts on the ten thematic human rights issues of the Festival. Active Vista shall award production grants to ten participants of the Hasik Advocacy Filmmaking Seminar whose film ideas best depict compelling human rights stories. These ten selected short films shall be screened in all areas of the Festival and will compete in the ALAB Short Film Competition of Active Vista. The top three prizes shall be awarded at the Active Vista Festival Closing on December 2012.

Read details @ activevista.com/new/hasik


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