[Statement] SIBUYAN DECLARATION: Defending MIMAROPA Islands, Securing the Future from Mineral Extraction

Defending MIMAROPA Islands, Securing the Future from Mineral Extraction

Converging our efforts to defend our island ecosystems from ridge to
reef to sustainably address the needs of the present generation and
secure the future of the next,

WE, as concerned mining-affected communities from Occidental Mindoro,
Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan, united to protect
our lands and seas, shall

 STRENGTHEN our regional cooperation for environmental justice and
protect the epicenter of marine biodiversity of the country

 BROADEN support to communities to confront the impacts of climate
change and hazards,

 ENGAGE government at all levels and communities to promote
eco-cultural, historical tourism and sustainable initiatives, and

 Help ENSURE food self-sufficiency and recognize the interdependence
of island provinces.

In the genuine spirit of Sustainable Development, Intergenerational
Responsibility and Precautionary Principle, we therefore CALL for a

 MINING MORATORIUM and make Agriculture and Tourism as core focus for

 CANCELLATION of all mining applications and REVOCATION of all
existing mining licenses and permits.

 RECOGNITION of our local government’s autonomy to disallow mining in
their respective territories and utmost RESPECT for our indigenous
peoples’ genuine Free, Prior and Informed Consent processes.

For a healthful and balanced ecology, for our island-people’s general
welfare; to progress within the carrying capacity of Nature

 We DEMAND that the Mining Act of 1995 (Republic Act 7942) be
SCRAPPED and urgently ENACT the alternative minerals management bills
pending in the House of Representatives and Senate Bill No. 3126 “A
Bill to Regulate the Rational Exploration, Development and Utilization
of Mineral Resources, and to Ensure the Equitable Sharing of Benefits
for the State, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, and for Other
Purposes.”; and

 We URGE President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III to declare Key
Biodiversity Areas, Island Ecosystems, Critical Watershed Areas,
Geo-Hazard Areas, Natural Forests, Eco-Tourism Zones and Agricultural

As a regional convergence, the Cooperation of Small Islands (CSI –
MIMAROPA), we shall stand up learning the lessons of the past to act
on the challenges of the present and face confidently the future to
make our islands the best places to live in without chaos in the grand
harmony of Mother Nature.

Signed this 19th of February, 2012, in the island of Sibuyan, where
the world’s densest forest flourishes, the Philippine’s cleanest
inland body of water flows and the majestic Mt. Guiting-guiting

KAAGAPAY PO-NGO Network Inc. (KAAGAPAY): Occidental Mindoro – Bong
Marquez (0916.873.9366)
Alyansa Laban sa Mina (ALAMIN): Oriental Mindoro – Jeff Rafa (0918.944.3561)
Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns (MACEC): Marinduque –
Myke Magalang (042.332.2713)
Alliance of Students Against Mining (ASAM): Romblon – Sweet Fetalvero
Romblon Ecumenical Forum Against Mining (REFAM): Romblon – Pearl
Harder (0917.592.7932)
Sibuyanons Against Mining (SAM): Romblon – Beth Ibanez (0935.105.5729)
Sibuyan Island Sentinels League for Environment Inc. (Sibuyan ISLE):
Romblon – Rod Galicha (0905.285.0700)
Ancestral Land / Domain Watch (ALDAW): Palawan – Tisoy Mandawa (0905.614.5631)
Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC): Palawan – Gidor Manero
Palawan NGO Network Inc. (PNNI): Palawan – Beth Maclang (0920.905.8382)


  • People are tired of talking about the negative impacts of mining that ranges from displacement, contamination of the clean water, environmental degradation, increased military presence, use of paramilitary with its long history of atrocities, and aggravating the already vulnerable human rights situation among others. Decision makers and leaders are playing deaf ears and blind to these negative impacts.

    Now people are educating and organizing and mobilizing themselves to keep their communities healthy and sustainable by saying NO to MINING. The declaration below from a 5-province conference is one of many initiatives of people power happening now in the Philippines – which will spread like a wildfire inspiring other mining affected communities to take the bull by its horn and say NO!


  • Nelson MagalangJr.

    stop mining save the environment, think of our future.let us help mother earth,,do your part to prevent climate change.


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