[Resources] Tips for digital activists (Series 4): Amplify personal stories by Tactical Technology Collective

Tactic #4 by Tactical Technology Collective

amplify personal stories
by Tactical Technology Collective

This tactic is useful when people affected by the issue are not being consulted, and as a way to give an issue depth that resonates with the target audience

Watch video @ http://www.informationactivism.org/tactic4video


● In the videos of the lives of child soldiers in the Congo, the same story was told in two ways: one story was for local people, to raise awareness, and one was to influence the courts. Think ahead about how the raw material you gather could be crafted to tell different stories for different target audiences.

● For Blank Noise, collecting people’s stories and amplifying them on one website created a sense of community for those who contributed. What incentive is there for the people you work with and/or your community to tell a story? How will you support people to stay connected to each other?

● Personal stories can be very revealing. If you ask people to share their stories, you have a responsibility to protect their privacy and safety. When telling a personal story could introduce risks to someone, discuss these risks in detail with them. You may need to conceal people’s identities by excluding their name, location, image, and voice.

● Working with people to tell their stories is in itself a process. Ajedi Ka in the Congo spent months getting to know the children and soldiers before using the video camera. Think about how you will build trust and help people tell their own stories.

● Telling stories online is one form of collective action, but what else might you ask your contributors to do? Will they help lead a campaign in their local area, promote the initiative, create content?

Read complete tactics @ http://www.informationactivism.org/tactic4video

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